Riding the Rainbow Wave

“May the light within you feel the rainbow of your heart

May the heart within you express the rainbow of your song

May the song within you guide the rainbow on your path

May the path within you embrace the rainbow of your joy

May the joy within you ride the rainbow wave of love”

As you continue to move through the shifts and vibrations of 2013, it is important for all to recognise CONSCIOUSLY the huge transitions and changes that are happening within you and all around you.  Know that at this time within the human form  it may seem like many souls are ‘coming apart at the seams’.  To a degree this is exactly what is happening.  What an opportunity this time is for growth!

In the latter months of 2012 we spoke of deep transitions as the Star Gates of 2-12-12 and 12-12-12 saw many step into a higher vibration in readiness for the shift of  21-12-12.  These shifts, for those that chose to experience them,  brought a deeper consciousness, a deeper understanding of their role and subsequently their energies for the year 2013 and beyond.

As 2013 began and up to and including this moment in time, many have found it challenging to adjust to the transition and many have found it puzzling that nothing has ‘appeared’ to have changed.  We would say to you now that indeed there is a great deal of deep and significant change happening that has not reached the surface as yet. Like the crysallis that is awakening to new birth there is a gestation period.  Many are finding this within their personal lives and you are seeing this on a planetary consciousness around the world.   For the next several of your months if you choose to  take advantage of the energies that are upon you, you can expedite your transition one-thousandfold.  We would also say to you it is time to ‘step into your strength’ and allow yourself to STOP pushing your vibrations and give yourself the grandest gift and allow your energies to FLOW and RIDE with the rainbow wave of love.

By this we mean that you BE STILL and BREATHE into your deepest breath and allow the rainbow light within you to awaken, to uplift and guide you through your WILLINGNESS to step into your shadow and say “hello”; set free your fears and allow your highest light to step in.  This can only happen in PRESENCE created through the awareness of your heart to acknowledge that it is truly time to be SELF IN LOVE. By being present in your energy you can feel, hear, know and  experience the journey of the rainbow as it moves through you CONSCIOUSLY, awakens and lifts you to the depths of your greatest truths of inner-knowing, inner-awareness and inner-love.  You DO HAVE A CHOICE – say yes and allow yourself to be guided by your Mastery, your wisdom and your greatest asset – your heart.

Our loving family,we  bless you with peace in our hearts and joy in our Souls.

Star Council of the Great Central Sun

BELOW is a link to a short 7 minute meditation that may assist you in connecting with your ‘rainbow wave’.  Before pressing the play button, sit or lay in a quiet place, take a few breaths and centre into your heart space.  Namaste.


Victoria’s Website:  www.shenestarcreations.com


7 thoughts on “Riding the Rainbow Wave

  1. Enjoyed the meditation, just what was needed.. perfect. Look forward to more from The Blue Temple.. thanks Victoria. Lots of love

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