Within Me

Within Me I would see you reflected, in another time, another life

Within Me I would hear you speak gently to my Soul of our awakening

Within Me I can see the songs that were written and etched into my heart of hearts

Within Me I feel your words of deep splendor and ancient wisdom

Within Me I know the purity of my heart-song and the remembrance of my heart-light

Within Me I AM the presence

Within Me I AM the truth

Within Me


Victoria Webby – http://www.shenestarcreations.com


3 thoughts on “Within Me

  1. Love the photo! And your Beautiful words.L yr Beloved.

    Community of Men supporting Men

    Developing emotional awareness and inner strength

    Creating Deeper Authentic Heart Connections

    In our Relationships

    Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2013 08:56:21 +0000 To: treeoflife444@live.com.au

  2. great wisdom, exquisite image in essence what a wonderful blog, very big thank you for sharing your profound insights, sincere regards, Barry

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