Time for Growth through the Christ

My husband David and I are in Maui, Hawaii.  Aloha to All.  May the spirit of the Mountains (Mana) wake within you and bless your eternal Souls.

In my homeland Australia, the time of Easter celebration is already well underway.  What a moment in our time this is for grand expansion and shedding of old.  This day ‘Good Friday’ in particular is a day where we can truly embrace our old ways and binds and set them free into the unyielding light of the ‘Christ’ that is within all of us.  It is a day of celebration.  The energy known as Jeshua would ask that you celebrate your letting free of old ties – including old paradigms and beliefs around the suffering through crucifixion and embrace the rising of sacred light and the eternal Christ flame.  His energy would not see you suffer in this way but embrace the infinite light and move further into the understanding that pain, suffering and sorrow is only a reality in this linear world and not of the world of the highest light.

“Embrace the all that you are.  BE the sacred flame of the truth within the Christ and be the eternal and all-knowing Soul that flows from thy Divine Mother and Father into the entity of the One.  Be not afraid of your fate, for it is written in the stars and in your deepest imaginings that you are the light of ‘all that is’, the sacred fire of eternal love”.

Blessed Be, Jeshua




Victoria’s website:  http://www.shenestarcreations.com


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