Aloha From Hawaii – Blog One

Here we are in the Big Island.   My first blog on Hawaii!!

We just arrived here after a week in Maui where it certainly lived up to its reputation.

We had some amazing experiences since being here and have felt ourselves open and awaken to a deeper level.

The people have been open and friendly – we have met people from all over America embracing the essence of ‘Aloha’ (affection, peace, compassion).

MAUI:  Our first experience of driving was an interesting time for me but I will digress just a little.  As we were to head up the mountains we first, by ‘accident’ ended up at the Iao Valley.  The history of this area is one of battle but also a sacred burial place for Chiefs.  As David and I walked the trail we were ‘taken’ to a place of very refined energy and introduced to the sacred pool where Neo (Crystal Skull) was cleansed and purified for his work ahead and we were asked to ‘wash our aura with the energies of the waters.   Next we were taken to the ‘Tree of Creation’ – she had codes written in her trunk and downloaded her song into our cells.  This was an emotional experience for me – like a welcoming ‘home’ and an initiation and David felt a deep grounding and preparation for what was to come over the next week as we met one ancient being after another.

Tree of Creation - multiple layers of wisdom

Tree of Creation – multiple layers of wisdom

After this special time we were in the car for my next piece of education!  I really had to look deeply into my mortal being and embrace total vulnerability!   Let me just say I was more than ‘just a little’ afraid as we headed for the north-west side of Maui to Kahakuloa, as David negotiated the left hand drive on the right side of the road for the first time.  We kept repeating to each other “right side of the road, right side of the road”. Perhaps in hindsight, we should not have tried to, on our first day out, negotiate dirt tracks, one-lane roads (for most of the way), blind corners, sheer and fatal cliff drops (no fences, just grass) with me (of course) being on the side that kissed Mother Earth first if the car decided to go for a slide – oh that was especially exciting after heavy downfalls of rain Trust and faith were a huge calling card on that day as I continued to chant the mantra in my head space “I AM AN IMMORTAL BEING” many times over the course of several hours.

Victoria - on the way up the mountain

Victoria – on the way up the mountain

All of this did of course hold a purpose far greater than my mortal fear.  We were to connect with a very powerful energy spot on this day that would line up one of the main reasons for us coming to Maui at this time.  Originally I had planned to join the Lemurian Choir (through Kryon) that was due to ‘sing the Lemurian tones’ over the period of 21/12/12.  This was not to be as we were asked to come to Maui at a later time to help with the anchoring of some codes after this time portal.  So my booking for the choir was cancelled, flights were changed and new dates set.  The date given was 31/3/13 to be at a certain anchor point on Maui – not realising the significance of it being ‘Easter Sunday’.

Back to THAT drive:  So here we were three days before Easter Sunday and the day prior to the ‘resurrection’ aligning with the ancient energies of a very powerful mountain that was shaped in a pyramid form.  We were drawn to this energy by a deep pull and knowing that this was the place TO BE to assist with this particular encoding of Lemurian crystalline song lines in a few days time.

Anchoring of Lemurian alignment through song lines with Kimberley Ranges, Austraia

Anchoring of Lemurian alignment through
song lines with Kimberley Ranges, Australia

The Ancient ones stepped in and took over the transition and worked through us with gentle strength and love, anchoring the codes that were required at this time.  We felt ourselves uplifted from our bodies into another space and time through song, chants and light.  Neo (Crystal Skull), was there front and centre to hold the space and to also anchor the Maui alignment with the Lemurian Stargate energy from the Kimberley Ranges that was anchored in 2012 and to be a divine transmitter for the Lemurian codes from Hawaii.

As I have found in all my experiences communing with Mother Earth/ Pacha Mama and after experiencing some magnificent ancient temples such as Machu Picchu and others, to me it is the most simple and subtle places that hold the most divine light.  There is an innocence and purity about these places that moves deep into the heart where you are able to easily access deep transition.

Needless to say, the road trip back was much more peaceful for me internally and we arrived back to our B & B that night feeling complete and content.  I felt like a different being on my return.  David has my deepest gratitude for holding it together as I went through deep transition throughout the day!

Victoria - the way home after divine intervention

Victoria – the way home after divine intervention

Blog Two – Maui continues – soon!

Victoria’s website:


3 thoughts on “Aloha From Hawaii – Blog One

  1. WOW ! What a journey and so protected…Enjoy. Vicki can`t type much… silly me ended up in hosp late yesterday fell over in a robina shop – tried to save myself and w my left hand straight into a box of wine glasses deep cuts.. into shock but ok so lucky could`ve been so much worse…pls send a prayer can`t seem to be getting it together lately….WHAT IS GOING ON?!!. luv u both lk forward to stories, Nancyxxxxxx

  2. i love what you have shared here sweet star sista* … the cats are perrrrfect .. as was the Great She Dragon in the clouds .. for me Tiamat, Goddess of ALL of Creation … beautiful .. sounds like the most perrrfect journey and experiences for you, David and Neo … can’t wait to hear all about it in more detail when we connect up soon xox Lynn

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