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Wow, we have been on the go every moment of every day, hence I am a little behind (but perfect) on our blog.

After the set-up anchoring of the grids from Maui to the Kimberley Ranges in Australia, (see – on the 31st March (Easter Sunday) the first part of the anchoring of the Lemurian grid song line was completed.

Heart-Mother Earth

Significant for us are  the ‘signals’ from Creation that let us know that we are ‘on track’ with what we are doing.  Sometimes I think I am going CRAZY and then I get a little message through someone or from Mother Earth/Father Sky that tells me all is well.  So it was on this day for as we were told “it was complete” a white bird flew above us in a circle singing its tones.  In times past it was always the Eagle and/or Hawk, then recently it has been the Kookaburra in Australia and since being over here it has been the White-Tailed Tropicbird (which to me signifies the white dove/Christ energy).  Prior to leaving Australia there were significant connections made with the Magdalene/Christ energy which made this day all the more significant.  I was told that while in Hawaii there would be a grand alignment of the Cosmic Mother – this was to come both on this day and later on the Big Island through the Goddess energy of ‘Pele’.

As we continue our journey there have been many significant places along the way in Maui that have captured our hearts. A few of these were on the “Road to Hana” which is a winding road that is a MUST to drive.  Our first ‘calling’ was from the Ancient Keepers (trees) at Waikamoi Ridge Trail, where we were asked to go ‘off trail’ and stand in the centre of a diamond configuration and be the anchor of some new codes awakening.  We also passed through what felt like a very feminine and sacred area called ‘ Waikani Falls’.  I had shivers and felt that in ancient times there had been significant initiations here.  Neo was placed in the waters here and downloaded with feminine initiations.

Waikomo Falls

Waikini Falls

To me the most profound space that opened my heart was an area near the sea.  David happened to park just outside an opening into the forest and I was deeply drawn to go through.  At first I could not enter what felt to be a very sacred area.  I stood there to see if it was appropriate.   I was asked questions by the Ancient Stone People.  I felt them ‘scan’ my heart and then was given permission to enter.  David also went through this process.  I felt like I had stepped back to the time of Creation.  The energies felt so old.  There was an ‘altar’ made of two stones where we knelt, in a prone position over the stone and in front of the Ancient One (Mother Stone).  We were gifted with her codes to take back to Australia’s ancient lands.  Where these will be anchored I am not sure at this stage.  I also felt organs in my body shifting and my crystalline grids and song lines re-structuring.  I was given permission to take a photograph of the altar but asked not reveal the location at this stage – “those that are drawn to this sacred space will find it when the timing is right” I was told.  And so it is.


Sacred Stone – we laid over these facing Ancient One

A major spot for David was the hike to “Waimoku Falls” which was above the 7 sacred pools of Ohe’o.  We came upon the most spectacular cave – I felt a strong male energy here and like the feminine we had passed, felt initiations had been done here too.  The walk through the Bamboo Forest was incredible, serene and powerful.  Connections with the great banyan trees, squirrels and other local residents were strong.  We reached the waterfall with an hour of daylight left (so typical of us) and placed the crystals etc into the waters.  It was truly magical as we washed our feet, hands and energies with this pure water.  What was a two hour walk took us 4 hours of tree hugging, singing, chanting and talking.  Our walk down was done in record time and we were so blessed to be the last down and the last in the national park.  By the time we got back the stars were out and we were exhausted but elated.  This was the last day on Maui – a truly blessed ending to our time here.  Mahalo!

Waimoku Falls, Maui

Waimoku Falls, Maui

Next stop – Big Island and the ancient petroglyphs, Pele, volcanoes

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