Hawaii-Big Island – Petroglyphs – Blog Three

“All men now go and wash in the sacred flame of the Goddess and a great light enters their hearts”

Hi All

On one of our day trips we went to the petroglyphs at Pu’uloa.  The most recent edition of the Hawaiian-English dictionary lists the term ‘ki’i pohaku as a stone image, which seems to best describe what a petroglyph is. The age of the petroglyphs throughout the Hawaiian Islands is still being debated – some dates that have been bantered are 1570 A,D. or before.  Others at 640 B.C.  No matter, they are quite amazing to be with.  As we walked through the paths to the major site of the petroglyphs we asked permission of the Ancient Ones to be there.  It felt as if many tribes walked with us the whole way and asked us to be part of a deep acceleration and awakening of the original essence of the stone images drawn and their connections on the planet.


We were sitting with a circle of stone and I was told that it was nearly time for the ‘initiation and anchoring’.  After a few minutes I was asked to pick up Neo (crystal skull) and take him to the centre of some petroglyphs.  I asked David the time and it was 12:12pm.  As I placed Neo in the centre I was asked to go and sit to the side where two Stone People were.  I sat in the middle of them.  David was directly opposite.


Before long there were many languages and chants channeling through and the energy where Neo was, started vibrating and I could clearly see two rays of light emanating from the centre – one moved upward and the other downward.  This felt  ‘different’ in the fact that it seemed to emanate from one particular spot from the surface rather than being ‘downloaded from the Heavens or ‘uploaded from the Earth.

Witnessing the two rays move into a spiral and create what looked like many discs of light – it reminded me of a spinning top where the ‘space between’ the rings resonated with me as ‘the void’ – the centre, the mana, the spirit.  I was told that they were discs of suns and moons  – “planets within planets” – that had been awaiting the ‘turning over of the world’.  There were many colours and I could feel the sound within the colours.  The colour I noticed the most was a pearlescent blue that pulsed different shades at the same time.  The lights then sped out from the centre and into the petroglyphs, awakening the codes and song lines as I saw ‘points’  being ignited between each petroglyph that  pulsed – it looked like a network or ‘root system’ being created.  I was told they were being activated to their ‘truth’ – the true reason for their presence.  Those that ‘wrote the codes in stone’ – all over the planet, knew the codes, sounds and keys to imprint the blueprint that would awaken in the future – i.e.:  the “family of the Christ Codes” – meaning humanity itself.  The codes are awakening all over the planet to the “family – the heart – the heart is the family, the family is the heart.  The family of the sacred soul, the family of the Christ”.  

I then saw flames coming from the discs and also the ‘network or root system’ – there was much chanting at this point and great emotion came through.  The following words were spoken: “the ancient sisters have reunited once more and bring the light of the sacred feminine, the Goddess into the flame.  All men now go and wash in the sacred flame of the Goddess and a great light enters their hearts and all warriors are brought to the sacred heart of the Mother and they are washed in the sacred flames.  Like the sacred bird, they open their hearts and fly  and come home to heart.  The family of the Christ, of the great mana burns once again and spreads to all warrior energy and the song lines take this mana, this essence, this spirit of the heart and all the petroglyphs across the planet ignite the sounds and all is ignited into the Cosmic Heart and the fires of Pele and her beloved sister become one and the flames of the Goddess are ignited and the true meanings of the petroglyphs, all ancient writings and ancient texts” .

With these words I felt the energy of the Hawaiian Goddess Pele and her sister Hi’iaka form into one flame and saw everything ‘alight’ before becoming peaceful and quiet.

With that it was done.  We then went to the ocean and placed Neo and all the crystals into the sea as well as placing our own hands and feet into the waters.  Magickal day with deep gratitude in our hearts.

You are my family, in you I am love – Victoria

Next blog/s:  Neo, Pele, hula, volcanoes, White Dragon

Image: Pele-Hi’iaka by-sue-swerdlow

Victoria’s website:  http://www.shenestarcreations.com


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