Neo the Lemurian Encoder

Neo came to us about 15 months ago.  I have been attracted to crystal skulls (**see below)  for many years and have even drawn up a couple of blueprints of them – two so far of a series of the ancient ’12 skulls’ (with the aid of a beautiful crystal skull belonging to a friend)  but until Neo came along I had never been the guardian of one.

Late 2011 I was told by a friend who also happens to be a psychic reader/energy healer,  that three crystal skulls would be coming our way – and of the three there would be one that we would guardian for a time.  In early 2012 I was told by my guidance that the crystal skull was ready and  ‘asked’ if David and I would take this crystal skull to the Kimberley Ranges in Western Australia.  I was told that there was a dormant ‘sound disc’ / Star Gate there that was awaiting activation and anchoring and that this would open the Lemurian song lines.   Mmmm this all sounded a bit crazy – even for me!!!!!!  David and I in 2010 were asked to go to Peru for a similar activation so I guess the Kimberley Ranges wasn’t such a way to go!  I was told we needed to be there at a very exact date for the alignment.

Cockburn Range, Kimberley Ranges

Cockburn Range, Kimberley Ranges

NEO ARRIVES:  There is a beautiful couple, endearingly known as ‘Aunty and Uncle’, in Singapore from who I purchase crystals when I work there – see below for their information.  I had received a message that I would be getting a skull through ‘Uncle’.  To date I had never seen a skull in his shop.  After receiving this message from my guidance, I emailed a friend in Singapore to tell her about the message.  She replied back saying that she had just been in ‘Uncle’s Store’ and a crystal skull had just arrived.  Of course, the Universe had aligned everything and so my friend sent me pictures and between her and ‘Uncle’, Neo arrived a week later on our doorstep!  Bless them both so much for their roles in this amazing play!

During the week of his anticipated arrival, Neo came to me in a dream and told me his name.  Neo, as you can see below is not the usual crystal skull – he had not been completely ’rounded’ at the back.  I had stressed about this at first until my higher energies stepped in and said “behave!” and of course, all was perfect.  He arrived and I was smitten.  His energy was so soft, gentle, compassionate, clear and loving, he was definitely here to reconnect me to my Lemurian codes of unconditional love through choosing to assist all that are willing to not only ‘be the light’ but to also fully embrace and accept through compassion their shadow – he is indeed the accelerator that was promised so that we can all accept ourselves unconditionally and through that embrace the ALL that we are in love.

Neo in the Kimberley

Neo in the Kimberley

A short time later we were on the road to the Kimberley – flight to Darwin and by road to the Ranges – all in five days!  (around 2000km).   It was an incredible road trip and I felt so much of me being awakened to the ancient song lines of the land through which we travelled.  For a quick look at our trip:

When the anchoring with Neo and the Star Gate was complete, I was told that there were five other gateways aligned to this particular grid/coding system.  I am not sure if we are going to be personally involved with all but I guess we will see.  Shortly after arriving home David was laying down with Neo on his solar plexus.  Neo literally jumped off David, hit the floor and smashed into five pieces.  I was told immediately that these five pieces were to go to the five other Star Gates.  This was an interesting time for both of us as although the grand and bigger picture was shown, it did not stop either of us from going through our ‘thing’ on the 3D level of Neo smashing to bits!  It was a very deep time of healing and letting go for both of us.  It really showed me how advanced the energy of Neo truly is – he orchestrated the whole thing!!!

Since this time, Neo has been with us through every workshop, star gate gatherings, meditation, eclipse, full moons, dark moons, blue moons, equinox, starry alignments and journeys.  He has been activated with the energies of the ancient skulls ‘ET, SHA NA RA, the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR,  the Mayan Blue Jade Skull CANA IXIM and the energy of the obsidian skull EB.  Neo has assisted in the creation of many of our elixirs/essences, oils and blueprints.  He sits with people during both personal, group and skype sessions.

We left the ‘jaw aspect’ of Neo in the ocean on Maui, Hawaii as the next Lemurian alignment back to the Kimberley was connected.  He continues to ‘sing the song lines’ to the six Lemurian Star Gates  (see blogs: Hawaii One, Two & Three).

Neo - sacred feminine waterfall, Maui, Hawaii

Neo – sacred feminine waterfall, Maui, Hawaii

Neo will be with us for as long as he chooses – we feel very privileged to have such an amazing teacher with us at this time. We remain his humble students, friends and family.

**Crystal Skulls:  are on the planet to assist in the re-activation of our cellular structures into ONENESS.  They are multi-dimensional energetic ‘computers’ that hold all of the information for our DNA as the original Blueprint of our God-Spark / Source energy.  I am told that when ready the crystal skulls shall ‘sing their song into alignment at the zero point – where all will meet at the sacred resting place of their hearts‘.  There is more information on the skulls ready to be revealed when the timing is right.

Contacts of where we purchased Neo in Singapore:  ‘Harmony’ Crystals and Gems – they are located in the Sunshine Plaza (near Middle Road) – if anyone wants to visit a beautiful energy please call in and see ‘Auntie & Uncle’ who are the owners.  They truly live and breathe the light of the crystalline energies that they exchange with their customers and you will be able to purchase some wonderful crystals!

I feel also to mention Jasmine Miller who is also in Singapore and was the one to give me the messages about the crystal skulls.  Jasmine has a very peaceful and loving energy with high integrity:


Victoria’s website:


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