The Journey With Pele – Part One

I had heard of Pele a little over my journey of the last 9 years.  I knew her to be a ‘fiery Goddess’ energy and that she was an energy that assists in deep transition and change.

Before leaving for Hawaii I had gone through several energetic initiations.  Not just with Pele but with the energy Christ/Magdalene Flame (part of my reason for being in Hawaii was to be in an initiation with the Cosmic Mother as well as being there over the period of the ‘resurrection’).  From the get-go I would like to express that I feel the energies of which I speak are an expression of my higher-self, that which I can tap into at will and even more so in the future as I continue my transition more deeply into the Christ-Magdalene Flame consciousness.

I have spoken of Pele a little in an earlier blog where some ancient petroglyphs were activated ( and so I would like to continue this story with her.

I felt Pele’s presence before leaving Australia where she was igniting ‘fire codes’ within my blueprint*.  As we arrived and travelled through Maui and then the Big Island in Hawaii her presence became stronger and stronger. I would think of her and a breeze would blow through my hair, even when the day had been very still.  Her chanting came through and the leaves in the trees would sway.  Birds would call with the sounds.  She channeled through an acceleration blueprint on a very still afternoon and as soon as I started drawing on the page a strong wind came up and the paper flew off the table.  As I continued with the blueprint the wind would come up every time and I would feel a ‘download’ before I could continue.


There were many instances where she was letting us know she was walking with us.  We went to a lu’au in Maui and as soon as the dancers started an honouring for Pele a huge wind moved through the trees and everyone looked to the stars – she holds such an amazing presence in both the physical and metaphysical world!

She comes in now as I am typing this and I feel a very strong energy around me – as if cocooned in her strength and truth.  She speaks:  You are my family, I SEE all that you are.  Draw in and through the ‘eye of light’ and know that I am here, with you NOW.  I take you to the place where love dwells, deep within your core and draw you into the sacred fires of love.  Be willing to express deep change through compassion, see the fires as your opportunity to know that you are the transition of all light through the sacred heart of fire, water, earth, air, all within the metaphysical embrace through a world grand in spirit.  If you are willing, I am here awaiting your call and your divine countenance”.  Pele

I feel strongly to end this first chapter here with Pele in your heart.  Be at peace and close your eyes, draw breath into your hearts and call her name.  She shall ALWAYS come to you.

You are my family, in you I am love – Victoria

*To keep it simple a Blueprint is a design, brief or imprint of the energy fields and codes that we hold.  Our original Blueprint is the original design and coding of our Christ Flame – our original spark of pure, infinite love.  Everything that lives and breaths has a blueprint.


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