Journey With Pele – Hawaii Part Three

Our last night on the Big Island brought us to view the active volcano Kileuea at night.  Where we were staying was a few kilometres away from the National Park and we could see the glow from our verandah – now that’s impressive!

When we got to the viewing point much of the crowd had gone (a tip:  don’t go until around 8pm at night – all the buses have left!).  There were around 20 people there.  David and another man were snapping away and comparing exposures and camera settings  (go figure!).

The fires of Pele were quite placid yet very spectacular.  Bright oranges and yellows and her presence was beautiful.

After sitting for a while there were perhaps four people left.  Pele came in and said:   “the White Dragon shall enter the temple of my heart.  He is here to assist humanity in the transmutation of the heavy energies of the grand Mother and all her peoples.  It is the time for all to celebrate his coming in the full embodiment of the Christ flame that exists within all as the ONE.  This shall be done through fire and water (it had started to drizzle).  He will lift the dark that has dwelled within the hearts of all.  If they are willing, they will fly.  When the flame turns yellow again it shall be done”.


With that both David and I saw a very clear image of a WHITE dragon face within the fires – looking down into the flames.  The whole volcanic flame turned white.  We heard the flames ‘roar’ and continue to do so throughout the whole process.  I was feeling all of this in my ‘temple’ (bodies) as it continued… I felt and saw my body as a witness of, what I can only describe as large aspects of shadow and heaviness lift up through the fire.  I observed as the shadow moved into the white light and felt in my body the heaviness turn into a great lightness and joy.    This process continued for several minutes and then we saw the whole volcanic flame turn yellow again.  The face of the White Dragon came again and it was done.

Hawaii-volcano fire

As all of this was happening everyone else had left.  The clouds and mist were coming in and the drizzle continued.

We sat there in the stillness and then two people arrived – one male and one female, both in their late twenties.  It is my feeling that these two souls were here as a witness to the next part:

Pele, along with Ancient Beings of what appeared to be all the tribes of the Earth and Stars then came through.  It felt very profound, very important that I let go of my own fears about singing.  As a collective consciousness they chanted words and tones of an Ancient song of purification, transmutation and transformation.  There was a deep silence and stillness as the four of us watched all of the mist and clouds envelope the volcano.  It was so thick we couldn’t see past 10 metres.   It was spectacular!


When this was complete David and I got up to leave.  The two Souls said goodnight and I could feel in my heart they were deeply aware of what had transpired.  It felt so ‘right’ that when we left they were the only two left.  I felt that they were like guardians of the area.

If ever I had any doubts of how we can interact and utilise the energies of a brilliant life-force that is always available to us I don’t now!  It was an extraordinary, magickal completion to a grand union with the energy of Pele and all her clan!

If you would like to see the you-tube of our journey in Hawaii go to:

Mahalo Pele!  Mahalo David for being with me and making all of this possible!

Victoria Webby:


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