Journey With Pele – Hawaii Part Two

When we were on the Big Island our journey took us to the  – main dormant vent of Kilauea Iki** .   The Volcano erupted in 1959 for 36 days.  It stopped as the Lava lake poured back into the vent thus putting out the fire.  I could definitely feel some areas of heat as we walked through the crater!

Since we had arrived near the volcano I had felt ‘different’.  It felt like I was me but not me if that makes any sense LOL!  We arrived at the crater for the 4 mile (6.5 km) walk around the rim and through the centre.  As we entered the rim I felt myself separate into what I can only describe as “five beings” walking in the same body.  It felt like I had split into aspects of myself from other dimensions.

Hawaii-crater walk

Crater walk

As I walked I was seeing things and feeling things on many levels.  Having the understanding that Pele is a catalyst and assists us in transmuting and transforming energies, I felt that I was being assisted through this transformation on five dimensions or through five different doorways at the one time.

We knew that we were not only here to enjoy some exercise but to also be part of an initiation with Pele and the Cosmic Mother vibrations.  Since being in Hawaii we were also aware of the deep transition that the energy of Pele had been going through (see blog: )

As we were walking the rim I asked for a clear sign as to where we should hold this.   I looked to my left through a clearing in the trees and down on the other side of the crater was a huge red heart (a vent).  It was massive and expanded the height of the crater wall, with a cave underneath.   This was the place!

Sacred Heart

Heart of Pele

We arrived at the area indicated by Pele, set up what we were guided to bring – oils, essences, crystals, accelerator blueprints as well as  the acceleration jewellery for activation ( .  We were with Pele for around an hour, receiving downloads and being witness to the activation and anchoring of new light codes.



As always, at the completion of the ceremony a white tailed Tropicbird (koa’e kea) circled over the site.   We left an offering of a lei of hibiscus flowers and two heart stones in gratitude for all that took place.   After the initiation I felt all the bodies merge into one and become whole again, there was a much deeper emergence happening that I was later to realise.  We then continued our journey through the crater floor and home.


Leaving gifts for Pele

As we continued to walk, I had a clarity that if we choose, Pele and many other energies that we choose to consciously connect with can now assist us in not only holding the energy for us as we balance and set free the old paradigms and beliefs from this plane but to also now very consciously assist us with the balance on all our multi-dimensional planes, with as much ease, grace and speed as we choose.    I know that this has always been possible but since the exchange of the level of vibration in December 2012, this is now even easier – just ask!

Mahalo Pele for all that you bring to this world!


**Kilauea Iki erupted 14th Nov 1959 from a half mile fissure, the main vent being the one we did a ceremony at. The vent eruption sent lava 590 m high. Lava temp measured up to 1,217 deg C.

The Lava lake took 36 years to cool and is estimated to be 135M thick

The Cliff above the vent was formed from the eruption. White tailed Tropicbirds (koa’e kea) nest in the cliff above the crater vent, but fly to the ocean to feed. Hawaiian Hawks also soar over the crater.

The sparkling deep green mineral forms crystals in the Lava is called Olivine.

The Lava tube across the road is over 500 yrs old.


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