Walking With Diamonds

Eternal Wisdom of the Soul

Gathering:  22-23 June, 2013

“Ancient One, let the light of your heart guide you as you rest in your eternal;  your heart;  your home” – Jeshua

Join us in celebration and take the opportunity of deep and accelerated transition into the next level of your expansion.

Great Central SunRoseCEleste-GustaveDore-1832-1883

The two days will be a series of channeled high frequency energy transmissions in several stages through the:

Earth Gate – Heart Gate – Star Gate

As we awaken more and more to our own mastery, we realise the infinite and expansive energies available to us.  We will connect with multi-dimensional beings of love that shall bring to you their unique wisdom, love and joy – in truth an aspect of ourselves at our most conscious knowing.


Star Beings from Lyra:  “We are with you, open your hearts and receive.  It is time for all to come into the enfoldment of love”

Ancient Teachers from Lemuria “Shya ney kama – welcome home love” 

Elohim:  “Shetaya Om – eternal love”

Option One:  (one day): Saturday, 22nd June (10am to 4pm)  $95.00  OR   Sunday, 23rd June (10am to 4pm)  $95.00

Option Two:  (both days – highly recommended!):  $175.00

You can also pay a deposit – please go to HERE (below) to make payment.

Book your place:  Bookings are essential.  Please click HERE and go to the PAYPAL link on the website page to book your place.

Venue:  Harmony, Body & Mind – 14 Billabirra Street, Nerang (Golden Lotus Room)  –  park in tennis court.  BYO lunch and water bottle.  Snacks, tea & coffee provided.


About Victoria

Victoria is a conscious channel of ‘living sound heart codes’.  In 2012 she became aware of her role as a ‘Blueprint Deliverer and Originator’, an encoder from the Angelic Realms that came here to assist Mother Earth and her life force to remember the true state of ‘infinite love’.   She does this through the original blueprints of sound and light transmissions through her voice and higher consciousness.

Victoria, along with her husband David, travel the planet as group facilitators and  through direct and divine guidance communicate the Song Lines of Mother Earth/Father Sky to bring the original blueprint and divine ‘infinite love’ codes into their final destination – the human family of the Christ.

Take Home You will receive a set of Acceleration/Blueprint cards, fully activated with the energies to assist in the continued expansion of your essence.


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