Newsletter – May, 2013

Your Ego Is Not Your Enemy

Namaste All

Well it has been quite a whirlwind of a year so far and if you are like me you are learning very rapidly not to plan too far ahead (if at all) and just go with the flow of things!

As much as we are being ‘enfolded’ in the light that is deeply awakening our Soul to its higher purpose, what is also happening is the deep transition and journey into our shadow.  At this time in our evolution one cannot exist without the other and it is far more graceful for us to embrace both aspects – our shadow and our light – with wisdom, gentleness and compassion.  As we extend ourselves and walk the ‘path of our truth’ we continue to realise that the more we embrace every aspect of ourself with presence and awareness, the quicker we recognise and thus shift the patterns in our life that have held us tied and bound to old ways of thinking and being.

dolphins-red blaze

At this time one of the greatest gifts we can give ourself is to recognise that our ‘ego’ is NOT our enemy.  In fact it is quite the opposite.  There has in the past been so much emphasis on ‘getting rid of the ego’ that we have forgotten that EVERY aspect, every reflection of ourself is love – has always been and shall always be.  When we embrace our ego for what it is – a guidance mechanism that shows us that we have choices in our life, then we can recognise that divine power  truly lays within us to create a dynamic through a loving heart that says YES to opportunities that ‘feel right’ and ‘feel peaceful’ when we place both our higher thoughts and hearts upon it.  If something does not feel ‘easy and flowing’ in the body, in the feel of your energy, then perhaps the timing is not quite right, if at all.

One thing is certain, if we have loving strength and faith to remain open and  ask our higher intelligence and Universal truth to “show me and guide me on this day with infinite love in my next step” then it shall surely happen.  A commitment through a loving heart is like a huge, enormous beacon to our Higher Self/Universe that says “COME NOW, I am ready to LIVE , to FLY- thank you!”


How we ‘see’ our life places a massive influence on how we experience it.  I was down at the beach this morning with my beloved husband and our beautiful dog.  The sun was shining and the water was so clear and green as the gentle waves rolled in.  There were families playing and loving together and it was a joyous time.  We then went to a nearby cafe and everyone was enjoying conversation and connection – including the four-legged variety.


I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia and I feel extremely blessed to be here.  Quite a lot of people see the Gold Coast as plastic and just a little crazy.   Sometimes I think that too but I always bring it back to myself and where I am in that moment – in that presence.  If my life isn’t feeling like it is flowing then I come back to home, back to heart.  In truth if I was in a peaceful state within myself and truly embraced my ‘multi-dimensional being-ness’ then couldn’t I transmute anything into a state of love?  Would it really matter where I lived, which shopping centre I went to?  I guess that question or answer will continue to evolve within each of us, however we choose.

I know that this was one of the reasons I was guided to move where I am now – to realise that peace can only come from within.    It has been challenging to say the least as it is an area with a lot of noise and social stigma.  After being here for 12 months, I was told  it was time for me to move, that the ‘light grid’ that was to be anchored (both within myself and the waters) was complete.

So now I am on the move.  I am going ‘bush’, heading for the mountains for a time to commune with the the Elders and energies of the Rainforest and Faey.  I have lived by the water for nearly 20 years and have been asked by my Guidance to leave here for a while to explore other options.  I am excited as I know it will open me to expand my painting, blueprint/accelerator designs and writing.  It is time!


In the moments when I have felt like I have been going ‘crazy’ with the noise and energies (and yes not in my heart) I have found loving words to guide me.  Perhaps if you wish on this day or many days, let the words below help you through:

“Divine Loving Heart, guide me, show me, teach me the way of Infinite Love, that I may show another a helping hand and open my entire BEING to all possibilities that create a joyous and loving path for my Soul’s divine song – thank you! Mahalo! Aho!”

“Mother/Father/God – may today be a day free of judgement, may I be a guiding light that opens my path to laughter and love, that shines loving words upon another through a grateful heart – thank you! Mahalo! Aho!”


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Great Central SunRoseCEleste-GustaveDore-1832-1883

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