The Language of Light-Language of Love

The Language of Light is the language of the Stars, God, Mother/Father, Source. The original ‘dialect’ of consciousness of love.  It is an innate gift within all of us, a gift that is gently awakening within the hearts of all on sacred Earth.


Light Language is the connection and communication that opens the way to our Soul at its deepest and most profound level, activating deep cellular memory and recognition of the original codes of living light and sound that we projected as the first ‘God Spark’, our first ‘note’ – our original ‘God Cell’ that was ‘sent  forth to explore and experience’.

Everyone on Earth is encoded with the original sound of the Language of Light.  It is within our cellular DNA memory awaiting activation.  It is equal and available to all and when ready, will open and awaken a deeper sense of healing, transformation and expansion.  Most people that speak, sing, write or draw light language are awakening their own cellular structure and thus, like pebbles thrown into the water, the ripple will affect all Souls both on an individual and planetary level.


Many people on the planet are now realising their part in the Earth’s divine plan and  the Language of Light accelerates this transition quickly and profoundly.  Light language assists the cellular memory of each Soul to remember their own dialect, their origins in the Starry Heavens and on Earth.  When we look ahead just a few short years, the Language of Light will be far more ‘normal’ than we could ever imagine!

The beautiful thing is that the ‘Language of Light’ is exactly that, it is the original ‘blueprint’ or original ‘score or music’ of our Source of Oneness, our connection to our truth as first written in the ‘light of the everything’.

The Language of Light moves us through and  beyond all of our old programming and reactivates divine connection of the our truth of our original blueprint that has always been LOVE and shall always be LOVE.  The eternal wisdom of the Soul knows this and through great patience, compassion, gentleness, healing and joy it awaits our return to the full connection of our original language of love – our Language of Light.

blue stars planets“There is no word more true than the original word and sound of your pure Soul, your light that is what you call the God-Self, Source, Cosmos, Mother/Father.  This is the sacred language of ALL and it is time NOW for all to remember their connection to the “light that is living and the sound that is creating“.  Archangel Metatron

May we all ‘know’ the gift of our Star and Earthly Homes and sing their ‘light of the language of Love’ into our hearts and hear the calling of our Soul.

Shenaya Om (In Blessed Love)


Victoria & David are holding a language of light and sound gathering weekend in June.  For more information:

Victoria also draws and paints channeled multi-dimensional Acceleration Blueprints, Star Gates and Light Language (personal channeled Acceleration Blueprints available).  She sings, tones and speaks several dialects of the ‘Language of Light and Love’ – what she likes to call ‘Heart Language’.  Website page:


More Blogs to come on ‘Language of Light’


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