You Are Extraordinary

You are extraordinary

There is no one Soul on this Planet, in this Universe exactly like you,

You are a collective of light, shadow, song, sound, vibration, colour that has been enriched through the sacred path you have chosen to follow,

ALLOW NOT any fear to bind you, confine you,

Your exceptional life is here to behold and to enfold into your knowing, your deep inner-wisdom that shall guide you for the rest of your days.

Behold who you are and look into the light and see your capability of love that is truly extraordinary.

Know yourself NOW like never before and sing the song of your Soul into your heart

It is time 

The Elohim


Victoria & David are holding a two-day gathering on 22nd & 23rd June – Solstice energies – Gold Coast.  See Website Page:


5 thoughts on “You Are Extraordinary

  1. Beautiful !

    I would love to come for the workshop but I have goddess duties at Castle on Hill for our winter solstice dance, mediation and ceremony.

    I will try to come to another one soon

      • Ooooh I could probably do the Sunday but then I would be insanely envious of all the people who got to go on the Saturday haha.

        I am giving a 15 min talk at our goddess group….im quite nervous but I know some of what needs to be said/done. The other parts I will just let flow.

        I also have to built the fire alter and decorate. You have just gave me a great idea without trying to Victoria….you rock !!! Lol

      • So glad to help LOL. If you feel the call come Sunday, the energies will continue to build and couple people coming Sunday only. Have an amazing Goddess day, all will be perfect!

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