Accelerator Blueprints – Language of Light. Language of Love

The “Language of Light” can be expressed in many ways.  One of these forms of expression is through creating a written or drawn Blueprint.

Many years ago I was asked to get a scrap piece of paper.  I was told it was time for a ‘connection’ to re-awaken a gift that I had learned over several lifetimes, through many Universes,  that was to bring encoded information, sound and language through a grounded medium of print.

I was told that these Blueprints (or imprints) would assist many in awakening to a deep remembrance of their original language of Creation, brought forth by the Elohim*, that would trigger their Christ-Blueprint Flame and through the re-coding of the human DNA, would assist in healing on all levels and activate cellular acceleration and transformation into their higher energies.


Starway to Heaven – your multi-dimensional awakening through language of light  

That was quite a statement at the time and one I could not comprehend but I have found over the years that this has in fact happened and my deeper wisdom around the importance of the ‘Language of Light’  and the tools that can re-awaken and anchor the higher vibrations of love continues to grow and expand every day.   

Drawing these Accelerator Blueprints has been a joy.  They are an art form of creative beauty and ‘living light’ that  has opened my own awareness at a rapid rate and continues to do so.  I go through many levels of initiation when I am channeling the designs that take me deep into my shadow as well as to the highest of highs, each one equally important in my continued growth.


Suns & Moons – divine union of Masculine & Feminine

When I draw the Blueprints channelled sound, light language and codes are imprinted that continue to expand as we do – you can go back to the same Blueprint months or years later and it will take you through to the next level – the Blueprints have no ‘expiry date’, they are infinite.  They are like ‘footprints’ of our Soul – awakening us to embedded cellular DNA memory.  They act as a key, a catalyst to awaken not only innate gifts from this world and other lifetimes but also from other Universes and dimensions.

Their potential is only limited by your imagination!  They are not only tools for expansion and transformation through all of your energetic fields but are pieces of artwork that look wonderful in picture frames or laminated and mounted on walls.


Divine Manifestation

So many have gained great healing and awakening through using these Accelerators or energetic transmissions with positive and expansive results.  Some of their uses:    re-coding human DNA to higher, more expansive levels;  self healing on all levels – mind, body, soul and spirit;  meditation;  expanding and awakening psychic gifts and star connections;  initiations to higher levels of consciousness;  sound healing;  assisting to open to light language;  wonderful high vibrational tools for Energy Workers and healing rooms

Many people use them when travelling to remain balanced, peaceful and expansive through their energy fields.  They are wonderful healing tools for pets, placing under beds, in areas of disharmony, their potential is infinite.  They are filled with sound and light and a grand tool to assist in continued expansion and ‘presence in divine consciousness’.

Shenaya Om – In Blessed Love

Victoria Webby

*Elohim – Creator Gods bringing forth Creations divine plan to Earth.  ‘El’ is hebrew for God.

Victoria and her husband David are holding a two day ‘light language’ gathering on 22nd & 23rd June on the Gold Coast.  Victoria will also be holding a gathering in Singapore in October 2013.  For information on the Gold Coast:

Victoria also does personal sessions with clients utilising the Language of Light, sound and vibrational energy healing.  She is a medium for the Elohim and high-vibrational Beings of both Stars and Earth Realms.  Go to OR mobile:  0438165297

Link to more Accelerator Blueprints (more going up on site soon):


One thought on “Accelerator Blueprints – Language of Light. Language of Love

  1. Very interesting, informative and thought provoking article. We found a few concepts in there we’d like to explore further and perhaps work with. Wishing you a very happy and peaceful Summer Solstice. Blessings from SRTB.

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