Take the time for Presence

Here I am in the mountains, a born and bred city girl learning the ropes of country-style life.  Mind you it is not “1,000 kms from anywhere” – there is a cappuccino just 40 minutes away, thank God! but it is far enough for me, for now.


My play area

I am absolutely loving this new chapter in my life.  I flitter, I flutter, I sing and dance through the rainforest.  I speak to my two friendly Kookaburras that come to greet me every day and who wonder why I don’t have a nice juicy piece of steak for them (I hear what they whisper to each other!).


I have discovered Mother Nature has lots and lots and lots of lessons for me.  Today I was collecting twigs and pine cones for the fire.  It is so cold here, wet and incredibly windy – “times of great change” say the Grandmothers.  I thought I had been so smart, collecting wood every day and ‘drying it out’ by the fire at night.   I put the wet wood by the fire and got out some of the drier supply,  did the norm, paper, twigs, pine cones, blah blah and lit it up and sat back, crossed my arms and legs and awaited the inevitable satisfaction I have received of late in watching the grandeur of my efforts blaze  into a magical spectacle of fire and flame……. NOT!

MMMM perhaps I have been just a little too cocky and sure of myself I began to feel.   I thought I had this fire thing down pat!  I watched with alarm as the room filled with smoke and ran for the door to save myself from what would inevitably be an explosion of coughing and crying eyes from the waves that were coming at me.  It reminded me of another time when I had been away and lit a fire in a cabin where I set the smoke detecter blaring that was too high for me to reach.  I used a broom to stop it which sent the battery flying and broke an ornament below – that one cost me $50 in damages!

This time however, I looked at the fire bemused, I knew it wasn’t going to cost me anything….or was it?   I had ‘done everything right’ after all.  Then out of the ethers I heard the words, “start again”.  OH GOD, I thought, here we go, another ‘gift’ from the Universe!  AAAAGH, all I wanted was to light the bloody fire!


Realising I was not going to get away with it, I took all the wood out and just put a few little bits back in. I brought my presence to the fire and asked the Salamanders, the Elementals of Fire, to assist me in lighting and keeping the fire going.  I then re-lit the fire and sure enough it began to blaze.  I added twigs and sticks with presence, watching as each one ignited and lit the next twig that I placed on the fire.  OH, I thought.  I had not taken the time to be present in what I was doing.  Although I had appeared to build the “right structure” for the fire, I had not fed and nourished it with my presence.  I was absent and had just blindly built the fire today, like every other day.


This was not a day like every other day however.  This was a new day and as such it deserved my undivided attention!  I could feel the energy of the Fire Elementals dancing with the wisdom that was beginning to just scratch the surface (I am a little slow at times)  and felt the warmth and glow of the fire move through me.  In presence I had connected and it was easy.  When I was absent in what I was doing it fizzled.  I now look at the fire as I am typing this and it is blazing and dancing a beautiful dance.  I will now sit by the fire, speak to the Elementals and hear what they have to say – I am sure it is another ‘gift full of great wisdom from the Universe’.  I am so very, very blessed!

May you build the structure of your fire with presence, allow yourself the gift of time to connect and be a part of the grandest dance of your life!


Shenaya Om (In Blessed Love)




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