Just Pondering

I have been feeling very still this week, quiet.  Whilst enjoying a peppermint tea and looking out into the rainforest, I was pondering upon life and the changes we are all experiencing ……these words popped in through a higher aspect – I read them slowly and realised that it is like a mantra for me at the moment:

“I AM on an amazing journey of self-discovery – no more than in this moment now, where everything flows within me and is as it is.


As I accept this moment and all that it brings,  I continue my journey with open eyes and an open heart to see, know and to feel into my truth.  With each step I AM – joy, sorrow, uncertainty, grief, trust, faith, light, love, wherever I AM – I AM and I give myself permission to be this – to be complete in this moment.


In my imaginings, I open the doorway and draw my next breath and take my next step into the unknown with excitement and strength, with courage and deep wisdom.


As I experience this, I realise how grand my life truly is, to have the opportunity to create change wherever my heart flows.  I OPEN my heart and arms wide and full with joy.  I AM content” –

Victoria Webby

May your journey thus far be appreciated and your journey NOW be in awareness, for IT IS truly where you are meant to be – Archangel Metatron.



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