Etheric Rainbow Shower

I was shown a vision in awakening this morning of what is happening energetically to me and others with the changing in energies.  Beings of the Elohim were with me.  We were on a platform overseeing the planet.  They were showing me how we are creating a new song, a new dreaming for ourselves, where we stand and BE our own story and co-create with our  Cosmic Heart (the divine US – Mother/Father/God).  “It is now time that you understand the potentiality of this moment.  It is now the timing of ‘alchemical transition’ for all”.  With that they showed me how the pulse of sound created us into spectrums of light, colour, vibration etc.  Each of us holding a unique sound and colour pulse that brings through our many aspects and gifts that are re-awakening, both for our individual journey but more importantly our collective union and how we merge into the one, all gifts brought together into synergy – like a massive love puzzle!


If you feel at the moment you are between worlds then this is pretty accurate.  They showed me many of us going through “light chambers” – chambers of sound and information that is re-formatting and re-calibrating our energy systems – from our physical bodies right out to our cosmic energy.  I was shown that these chambers assist us in balancing these higher frequencies and will assist in the amplification of our ‘light wave’ that links us to our Source, or Original Blueprint of Infinite Love.  There were areas within our energy fields that at this time ‘pulsed’ stronger than others – but this would be quite individual according to the level of consciousness.  The major pulse of course was the heart.

star being family

They showed me how many people are changing their ‘hue'(ie: radiating colours/vibrations).  That this was a choice that many Souls chose to express at this time in our evolution.  The human side of this change could bring a sense of ‘loss of oneself’, numbness, confusion, physical symptoms of pain, ‘what the *&## is going on???” type of feelings – as if your physical form is undergoing deep transition and even a ‘stretching’ out.  “All that is being experienced is short-lived if you allow it, you are undergoing deep transition in your ‘liquid light state’ that brings diverse change into your present hue-man state.  Remain focussed on the big picture – even if you are not sure what that picture is LOL!!  FEEL YOUR WAY and be very present with your experiences, this will move you into and through your transition very quickly”.

Victoria - on the way up the mountain

What the (bleep) is going on???!!!

I was told that not everyone will go through transition consciously at this time, yet they will receive a deep integration of the higher vibrations through their higher awareness. ” It is like you are undergoing an etheric rainbow shower’.  You may choose to step under and be cleansed, balanced and accelerated or you may await another time, another day”.

They then showed a scene with me in it.  I was standing in a field of white daisies (I love daisies!).  My arms were open wide and I could feel the glorious warmth of the sun-fire on the front of me as i looked to the skies.  At the same time I felt the shimmer of the moon-waters on my back, felt the grounding of earth and the wispiness of the air moving through my hair – each combining and resting within my inner-core and moving to my outer-core and expanding to all.  When complete I felt I was stepping from one dimension to another and it was merely my state of presence that allowed this.  I felt all the old skins, shields being gently pulled away and stepped away from what I had known and felt very calm and excited about what lays ahead.


What will Assist:

“This ‘etheric rainbow shower’ is there for all – call in the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and your Divine and ALLOW.  It is a simple process – your Elemental Beings hold a very high vibration and are here NOW to assist – step out of your own way, BE STILL AND BREATHE, call into your energy fields the original blueprint of these divine Elements, ask for the ‘Etheric Rainbow Shower of the Elohim’ – and allow this Divine Intelligence to guide you.  Let it be so and so it shall be!!”    The Elohim

If you need any assistance with above please email me:

Shenaya Om – In Blessed Love

Victoria –


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