Serpent of Light, Life and Living

I was just chilling today and felt an ancient around me.  I closed my eyes and saw him come into my vision.  An old friend that has connected with me before.  I saw his third eye open like a doorway and I saw the serpent, move to the ground and towards me.  The great Serpent wrapped around my feet, legs and up my body.  I spoke the words:

“Ma’an yen a mei.  Ee-ta yeemoo   Ma’an yen a mei” (Great Serpent speak through me, BE me) – written out phonetically


Serpent magick moves through my blood, pours through my hands and brings great medicine from the indigenous light from the Stars to the Earth and the Earth to the Stars.

I feel my heart open with such deep gratitude and appreciation to the Great Spirit that is within me.  THAT IS.

Ma’an yen a mei, mei mei

Ma’an yen a mei

“We come from the dreamtime of Creation, from the ancient ones of Arnhem Land, a gift, a gift of song, sound and creation through my hands, my heart and my voice.   Great serpent will spin her magick, her medicine on all humanity.  She comes now, she comes.  She is called from the belly of Mother Earth to assist us in our own dreamtime, our dreaming, our Creation”.

Goddess-earth mother

She tells us to move deep, to let go of the pain and the anger of perception of what humanity has brought forth for what appears to be the suffering of Mother Earth.  She says to all:   “if you hold the vibration of anger, call in the energy of the serpent to shed, for this anger does not serve any purpose, other than to create more fear and mayhem”.

“Great Serpent is here, her magic vibrates, she is the extension of all life from the sacred womb to the stars.  Call her in and create the wonder and wonderment of your life and dream your dreaming into BEING.  Allow your skin, the old to shed, for this is the magick.  a grand metamorphosis, the serpent magick is within all, let it be so and so it shall be”.


Picture from Noosphere Collective

From the stillness I sang:    “Thank you ancient ones for the gift, I accept fully this honour with deep appreciation through my original dream song, from my higher self and the serpent of Light, of Life and of Living.  Into my cells the magick IS and BECOMES;   grounds me into the belly of the pure essence of the sacred ones and sends forth the light to the Universes of ALL Creation and Becomes…… and Becomes……and Becomes.

Thank you Guardians of ancient lands and ancient times, from the void, from the lands beyond lands”


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