Star Seeds of New Beginnings

Hello Starry Beings!

This morning a strong energy came in and wanted to speak:

“What life brings to you is a collection of all that you have ever been.  How do you choose NOW to live?  Do you choose to live from the past or will you choose NOW to live in presence?

Your heart is here to guide you, a vessel of great wisdom and pulsating joy.  Let it be the beacon that will show you, lead you and guide you to the oneness and allow yourself to open to all possibilities that you ARE and can BE if you allow.

star being-pheonix

The ARE is the all, the BE is the everything, it is each moment in JOY, in LOVE

Give yourself the greatest gift and ‘feel the thoughts of these words’ – rather than think them!  BREATHE them through your sacred *Temple and awaken”!

Shenaya Om, Inata Sey ya-am ya-am

In Blessed Love we ARE, you ARE – Star Seeds of New Beginnings

Victoria Webby – Website –

Victoria Webby Facebook

*Temple – or five subtle bodies – physical, etheric, emotional, intellectual and spiritual

Channelled through Victoria by “Star Seeds of New Beginnings” – a collective consciousness of the Children of the Stars and the Earth both entering through human birthing and through energies that have been sleeping in our Inner Earth Vibrations/Kingdoms and are now awakening to ‘greet their Starry Brothers and Sisters in human form’.  These children are yet to be birthed into physical form – they are a collective consciousness ‘awaiting transition’.

More information on this coming!


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