The Breath of NOW – Energy Activation

Hi All

How has your journey been these past many days?  It is interesting and exciting times – interesting because it is great to sit back and observe what is happening in and around you if you are willing to take a nice deep breath and exciting as the events taking place are often so unexpected and magickal!

You may be finding at present that the ‘unexpected’ may be challenging – on the other hand, depending on where you are at, it may be the most magickal time of your life!  Either way,  it is of course perfect for your path right NOW.

For me, the energies have been very intense – both on the level of ‘challenging and magickal’.   I have been feeling the challenging aspect very deeply but quick and easy to move through and the magickal has just continued to expand and grow in ways I have yet to see.

Victoria - on the way up the mountain

Another magickal day of acceleration

Wherever we are at the moment both in our physical and metaphysical world there is an urgent message coming from the Universal and Cosmic guidance to remain very centred and balanced and to ‘let go’.  This means that if we try and hold on to what we have known –  the familiar, the comfortable, the safe then we are choosing a challenging path.  If we choose on the other hand, to be present and flexible  – like water that ebbs and flows with the tides of change, then it will be a much smoother transition.  WE ALWAYS HOLD THE CHOICE WITHIN US, which gifts us with the great freedom TO BE the change we desire, that is inevitable in the world we have chosen to participate in!


Flow like the water, let go of the past and the future and BE – NOW

“There is no longer any ‘looking outside’.  What has been is no more.  Hold the space in your heart and BREATHE.  this is the most powerful tool you hold in your ‘box of tricks’ – THE BREATH.  Breathe your way through any emotion, allow yourself the love to acknowledge and feel the vibration of change that is NOW.  There is no going back, there is no going forward, there is only the now – this moment.  When you get it, you get IT –  (IT = Infinite Truth)”

Quick & Easy Activation from Spirit Divine (2 minutes):

“There is now a grid-matrix that has been activated for all humanity to tap into.  This grid-matrix is named ‘THE BREATH OF NOW’.  Ask and so you shall receive the anchoring of this light grid to assist you in anchoring the vibration of love, joy, clarity and peace into THIS MOMENT and guide you through your world of seconds, minutes, days and many months to follow.  Simplicity is the keyi and this is simple:  Just ASK!”

THE ASKING:         Place your feet on the floor/Mother Earth and your hands comfortably supine (hands upward) on your knees.  Take a nice deep breath, ask that all light come through your original divine Blueprint and centre into your heart space.  Take three more deep breaths and with each breath say:  “I AM THE BREATH OF NOW” .  You will feel the light enter your body – with me it comes as a spiral and my body starts to move.  When you feel/see/know the energy is moving through you take 13 conscious breaths in presence.  BE with what happens in your Temple (five subtle bodies).   “What we ask of you is to take 13 deep breaths from your heart space into your Temple and ALLOW.  You need do nothing more than ask for this and so it shall be done.  Remember you are Infinite – believe and so it is!”  When you feel the cycle is complete take another three deep breaths and say THANK YOU to your Higher Self and all divine love.


By saying these words you will automatically anchor into the pure vibration of love, joy, clarity and peace into the NOW MOMENT through your Higher Self – Mother/Father/God Source.  You may feel one of these vibrations or all, depending on what your Higher Self is guiding.  For those that wish to speak the Language of Light or tone or sing, this will enhance the balancing.

For those that would like a little more information, here is a quick run-down on what will occur above – the exercise below is a little different but they both work in the same way with the breath:

goddess-light stream

Centring your energy into your heart, Call to your Higher Self to assist you with the BREATH OF NOW.  Breathe the energy through your entire Temple (mind, body, Soul, Spirit).  Concentrate on the breath of the heart, let go of the mind (if you find yourself in the mind say “Thank you, I now return my attention to my heart”).

Continue with the breath until you are in a gentle rhythm.  ask your entire BEING to breathe as ONE.  As you take the next breath through your heart space and draw it into the Inner Earth vibration, another breath into the Earth vibration, breathe into your ankles, breathe into the knees and continue each breath into the coccyx, navel, heart, throat, bridge of your nose, pineal, crown and higher star gate.

TRUST that your divine intelligence will guide you as you see/feel/know that the light from your higher star gate now beams light to your left and right palm and straight down into your inner earth gate, creating a multi-dimensional diamond template of pure light.  As this light is completely anchored into the Inner Earth Gate you feel balanced, aligned and at peace with your highest vibrations.

You then witness and feel the light spiral up through your central shaft, up to your Universal and Cosmic Star Gates and  return back to your heart.  You feel the complete connection to your inner world that is love and joy, knowing with every part of your energy that you are fully connected to the pure vibration of divine self – your Heaven and Earth in the NOW, in Mother Earth time NOW.

This exercise can also be done through the ‘quick and easy activation’ above – it will automatically align all the 13 breath points in a couple of minutes rather than the longer version where you visualise.  The intention is already set and both exercises work in the same way.

cosmos-art by Wolfram Freudling

Art by  Wolfram Freudling

“When you are in the NOW you are in the presence of the aspect of yourself that can tap into the creative flow within any given moment.  Choose well, choose wisely, choose from your sacred heart and ride the wave of love” – Arch Metatron.

Shenaya Om – In Blessed Love & Biggest Hugs – Victoria

Victoria Webby

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