Blue Temple News – 28th September 2013

El-Niya Om-Sha

“In all truth that I AM, I come.  In all love that I AM, I BEcome.  Let all who would see open their eyes to their own beauty and let all who would hear open their ears to their own Divine Will.  The moment is NOW…….and so IT IS”.

light spray

2013  has certainly been an amazing year so far and I, like so many others have been undergoing a lot of deep transformation, where there have been many hours, days, weeks and months of integration hence I have stayed quiet for much of this period!   This being the year of ‘6’ (2 + 0 + 1 + 3) it is allowing us to look deep within and understand the truth of how to fully embrace and integrate our ‘Heaven and Earth’ within.  The ‘0’ takes us even deeper within to recognise the ‘wholeness’ in all that we are experiencing.

This time has enabled not only integration of higher frequencies but also to open a more creative approach to our life if we allow it.  On a personal level my energies have been channeled towards painting, writing, MP3’s, meditations,  blueprint artwork to name a few.  It has been challenging, expansive and exciting!  What a tripper!

With a lot of information coming in I look forward to writing and connecting more in the future.  The Blogs are a great out-source for me with channelled information, writings and sounds to come.  I will also be creating a new mailing list.  Please be sure to email me:  or follow the blog posts.

For now though this is what’s happening:

Singapore Visit – Personal Sessions and Group Gatherings

I am visiting Singapore again after 1 1/2 years.  It is great to be coming back.  I have always felt a deep connection with so many Souls there.  For all information on group gatherings and personal sessions  please go to:

Channeled Accelerator Blueprints;  Card Sets and Personal Original Soul Blueprints


A4 Accelerator Blueprints – these original Blueprints are hand drawn and printed in Australia:

Accelerator Blueprints (templates) are unique tools for expansion.  They assist to deeply transform and balance your energies whilst assisting you in shedding old programmes and issues and expanding psychic awareness. Like crystals the Blueprints choose you and assist your heart to expand, open and heal at the highest level.  

This Accelerator Blueprint –  “SACRED FIRE”, was drawn in Hawaii through the channelled vibrations of PELE.  We then took this original artwork to the Volcanic Crater where it was blessed through song, sound and Language of Light..  All copies of this blueprint hold the same qualities of the Goddess Pele and involves the calibration of energies merging through all the elements – Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Divine Spirit.

The Blueprints come on  300gsm gloss paper with channelled words on back.

NEW:  Accelerator Blueprint Card Sets 

Blue-InnerTruth-15.1.13Blue-LemurianEmbrace15.1.13The Blueprints that have been created over the past two years are now available as a card deck.

There are 33 in this set which will continue to expand.  Each card has a channelled message on the back with Affirmations to awaken your energies to further evolvement and expansion.  The cards, as with all the Blueprints, work on the higher cellular vibration of pure LOVE.  Great for placing on the body during meditation and healing.

NEW:  Personal Soul Blueprints – A4 and A3 size ORIGINALS  (frame-able channeled artwork with pastels and ink pens)

I have been guided  to start channeling ‘personal original acceleration blueprints’ for people.  Recipients are experiencing wonderful shifts with them as they move forward on their journey.  Adults, children, babies, babies-in-embryo; people with physical illness; animals; homes; businesses – there are no limits to where the personal blueprint accelerators can be utilised.

All Personal Blueprints are hand drawn with ink pen and artist’s quality soft pastel crayon.  They come in A4 or A3 size with white border on 355gsm stygian high quality paper.  They are drawn to be placed in a frame.  

Ordering for Christmas? – please have your order in by 15th November, 2013.

Original paintings of soul blueprints available on request (acrylic/mixed media on canvas)


For further information on A4 Blueprints; Packs of Cards and Personal Soul Blueprints:

Five Day Retreat – Numinbah Valley, Queensland, Australia

David and I are excited to announce that we will be holding a five day in-house retreat from 28th April – 2nd May, 2014.  This will be an incredible opportunity to bring deep transformation and amazing connection.   – this group is limited to 15 participants.  Further details to follow so place it in your diary!

I will also be offering three day Accelerations Retreats for two to four people from early 2014.  These will give people a unique opportunity for one-on-one attention,  to accelerate very deeply within a small group environment.  More information on this to come.

If interested in either retreats please email: to make sure you get the information

Other Products – channelled spiritzers, essences, sacred oils, CD’s/MP3, channelled jewellery blessed Peruvian bells are also available – go to:

Spiritzer-1ELIXIRSSPIRAL-1WhiteDragonOil-Willow-printingPeruvian bells

It is an amazing life, embrace, enjoy and be true to who you are!  Shenaya Om – In Blessed Love, Victoria


6 thoughts on “Blue Temple News – 28th September 2013

  1. Yay – how exciting, we’ll finally meet -:)

    I am booking a personal session, and made a payment via PayPal (but the screen has frozen, so will wait a few minutes to see if it was successful).

    Is the 11th oct okay? 11am -:) ?

    Hugs Jane

    Sent from Jane Tumbri – have a magical day!

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