In Faith and Trust

With life evolving so quickly sometimes we are at odds within our physical world and our metaphysical.  We are stepping through the glass ceilings that we have placed upon ourselves as an individual and collective consciousness and seeing through a new stream of light that is pouring into our ‘conscious awakening’.  In the past we have been able to perhaps push aside that which we would dismiss or put off until later, perhaps through fear or just being ‘too busy’.

This can no longer be.


It is the moment NOW that shall determine the ALL.  When we are brave enough to see and hear what our Soul is saying and calling then we are ready to step and honour this moment.  JUST SAY YES!!

Change must come from within and must be in the NOW.  Your heart is your stepping stone, your doorway, your key to change.  You have given yourself the greatest opportunity now to truly step into your light, to shine, to experience the greatest joy.  Whether you are at this moment feeling a deep sorrow, loss, anger, regret – whatever the essence of that feeling or emotion your imparting brings to you, just BE THE MOMENT in faith and trust – know that all IS well.  This is the greatest gift you can offer to the YOU that you are.  IT IS YOUR WAY HOME.


You are deeply loved, you are deeply cherished.

I call to you NOW from the YOU – your pure, Loving Soul – trust in the me that is you, I AM  you in all love.

Victoria Webby – The Blue Temple


Please Note:  Most personal sessions  (1 spot left) and Saturday 12th October are booked out – send me an email if you would like to be on a waiting list (see link below).  19th October full day gathering has a couple of places left.  I am also doing an interview on Wednesday night, 16th October with    Go to the Facebook page and send a message to Regina for more information – Thank you Singapore Family  I love being here!


One thought on “In Faith and Trust

  1. Hello Goddess!

    What a magnificent article…nice work V ☺

    I was thinking of you this morning wondering what part of the world you are in (if you’d already left Aus). Have a wonderfully rewarding time.


    Catherine Taylor
    Powerhouse Coaching & Consulting PL

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