The Merging of Worlds

As we move further and further into our higher energies a deeper understanding pervades into our awareness, that moves beyond the world that is.  We are on the brink of a new design, a new resonance that will see us move through and into a deeper calibration of the knowing of sacred union of the one.

“The world of the old is diminishing and a new, ‘Higher Will’ is moving forth to personify a new way of breathing, thinking and BE-IN-g.


“It is through the Star Gate of your heart that you shall enter, where profound assimilation of the light and the dark shall flow into the NO-THING-NESS of deepest wisdom and grace.  Such is the portal of your heart – a gateway to your stars and your stone into the ONE”

As your two worlds merge, your shadow and your light, you shall pulse with a resonance that frees you from the old ways, old grids, old paradigms.  Outdated now are many of your healing modalities, higher vibrational energies and ways of shifting the consciousness shall flow forth into the higher minds and higher hearts of many.  So shall be the flow of the new creative pulse that enters the planetary consciousness and the fear of letting go shall diminish and that which will see a new light from the dawning of the sacred essence of the one shall call into each heart and BEcome.


Do not fear the change, embrace and allow the flow of this essence to pulse forth into every cell.  This is the moment to SET FREE AND BE.  Be the truth, the change, the pulse of your Higher Will. NOW is the moment –  BREATHE into your heart, BREATHE in the light, BREATHE in the shadow, ALLOW your two worlds to merge and ENTER THE LOVING SPACE OF ONE” for here, within this sacred vessel of your heart, where your two worlds emerge into the essence of love, you will find your sacred place, your sacred peace.  

The choice is yours, has always been and shall always BE.

Shenaya Om – In Blessed Love

Victoria Webby

The following MP3 will assist you in creating healthy, higher-vibrational, positive change – ‘merging your two worlds’ – bringing the shadow into the light and BE-IN-g love, free of judgment and full of compassion for all that you are.  

BEFORE LISTENING:  We would suggest a  quiet space, breathe in and out through your heart a few times with the intent of merging your shadow and light into your pure, higher essence and setting all “FREE TO BE”.  This 3 1/2 minute sound acceleration will assist you in the NOW of every moment on all levels (from physical through to your spiritual/highest vibrations).  When ready begin……


3 thoughts on “The Merging of Worlds

  1. Amen to that! ☺

    Good to hear from you Victoria. Let me know when you’d like to connect again. Missed you ☺ and I trust your trip was great.


    Catherine Taylor
    Powerhouse Coaching & Consulting PL

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