Embrace the Fifth Dimension NOW

We are living in grand times.  Our worlds within are shifting as we take each breath.  What has been is no more and as we step ever-forward we are NOW choosing which path to take.


With the gift of the Comet ‘ISON’ passing our way we have now the opportunity to really acknowledge the love that dwells within.  Our deep ‘Inner Truth’ switch ‘IS ON’ and through the sacred fire and light that ‘ISON’ emanates within all of our cells this is the moment  to be and to live this truth.

If you find at present that much is coming up and awakening – whether it be what you would consider your shadow or your light, it is important to realise that it is the inner wisdom of your Soul that calls to you now to embrace everything that you are in love.

Gone are the days of ignorance and suppression.  The moment is well at hand TO BE all that you are in the moment, setting free the programs of old and restoring and embracing the ‘new song’ that your Soul is singing.


“Let all be the expression of their Soul – open your hearts to hear its call in THIS MOMENT.  Put aside your judgement, let go of that which was, if you choose the path of your higher light the past is exactly that – the past and will no longer affect your present.

YOU are a multi-dimensional BEING.  BE this.  Let go of the group consciousness of your cellular patterning – are you not shifting into your higher dimensional energies?  If this is so, if you BELIEVE this, then how can the past place its hold upon you?  Do you not see the significance of your belief patterns?  Are you still of the old vibrations?  If you believe so then the ‘old world’ will still hold its presence within, if you believe you are no longer this ‘old world vibration’ then you can move into the knowing that all that you are exists in the NOW and is created in the NOW.


Many are still holding the beliefs that ‘the past affects the present’ – this is a third dimensional vibration.  Embrace your fifth dimensional being and watch your ‘miracles’ happen.  It is simple – just say YES!  Say yes to BE-IN-g your fifth dimensional vibration, say yes to honouring your cellular re-patterning and say yes to setting free the old beliefs that many of your current modalities still hold to.  

YOU ARE A FIFTH DIMENSIONAL vibration.  The fifth dimension IS IN PRESENCE NOW consciously on its path of love, embracing everything in the moment.  Anything that holds to you now is happening NOW, bring this to your heart and honour its presence NOW, choose NOW to set it free, choose NOW to be free!  Simplicity is the key to opening and awakening the wholeness of your fifth dimensional vibration.  Anything that defines through complexity is old vibration – set it free and BE –  just say YES!”

The following blueprint “Inner Truth” and affirmations may assist you in embracing the new and freeing the old (BE still, breathe a gentle, peaceful breath in and out through the heart):


“Inner Truth” – Cosmic Soul Cards**

I set free the old world based on fear and suppression with deep gratitude,  from my entire BE-IN-g, NOW;

I embrace my fifth dimensional vibration in unconditional love NOW;

I AM a conscious, awakened, fully-encoded  fifth dimensional vibration NOW;

All that I AM, I AM in the purity of my Heart-Soul vibration NOW

**”Inner Truth” is a ‘Cosmic Soul Card’ from a deck of cards created over the past two years.  For further information on the cards please go to:  http://www.thebluetemple.com/cosmic-soul-cards/

Shenaya Om – In Blessed Love

Victoria Webby  www.thebluetemple.com

4 thoughts on “Embrace the Fifth Dimension NOW

  1. Thank you Victoria for sharing this wonderful post. You inspire me. ^_^ Have a great week, and continue to Be a bright and warm sunshine, giving unconditional love to humanity.

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