Transient Light – Singing the Pineal

Through the assistance of the ‘Songs of Mother Earth and the Sounds of the ancient Winds’ allow the inner wisdom of your Soul to be heard.  “Sing the awakening of the seed of your Pineal to its grandness, feel the building of bridges and allow your higher divine intelligence to guide you, as sacred sound and light sings through your human mind, your human brain from the light of your Source”.

Blue-ish-neey-photographBlueprint design by Victoria Webby

This short MP3 is a continuation from the previous blog:  Transient Light – Rings of Fire-Water (16-2-2014).  

It will assist you in shifting old programming, honouring your shadow and your light equally through love and expanding your networks of light through your Original Blueprint (Higher Self).

“It is NOW the moment to feel the Earth beneath your feet, to lift your arms to the Stars, to call to the Winds, to bring that wind through your bodies and set yourself free.  The ancient Grandmothers and Grandfathers of your Heaven and your Earth are here, the original Keepers of the sounds and songs of Mother Earth are here to sing through your cells, to awaken; to express;  TO BE – to enlighten your BECOMING – your BE-IN-G”.


The content starts immediately so before listening sit in a quiet space, take a few gentle breaths through the heart setting the intent for pure love and joy to enter through your Original Blueprint** and then listen:

**more information on our Original Divine Blueprint and Victoria’s new ‘Cosmic Soul Cards’ deck of 33 cards:

Shenaya Om (In Blessed Love)



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