Void of the Moon – Light of the Sun

Wherever you see yourself, your place in the Universe, in the Oneness – choose to see through the Heart.

The moment is NOW.

“No matter what you are going through, no matter how long it takes, come back to the heart, come into the heart – this is your way, this is your home”.

moon-april15 2014

The heart is where you will find all connection, all clarity, all birthing, all endings, all balancing. This is the vessel to set free the old and ignite the new in pure love – Death and Re-birth – through and through.
The next few weeks will see you move deeply into your heart and soul connection if you will it – into the great void and indwell in this space of the most divine “if you wish, walk the path to the dark moon, the beauty of creation, and set all free TO BE. Embrace this moment, this NOW, move deep within the path of the void and allow your heart to open, let go and express your light into a new moment, a new beginning”.

goddess-light stream

 Ask assistance from your Higher Self to clear and open the path for new beginnings and sacred endings and so it shall BE.

With the powerful energies that we have been gifted with at present, take time TO BE in the stillness of your heart. The exercise below is a way to access the qualities of death and re-birth and only takes a couple of minutes. Just by merely reading the words you allow yourself to let go of the old through the cycle of the full moon/lunar eclipse moving into the new, dark moon energy – the creative force of the void, the Goddess, the Divine Mother of Creation.  YOU are the Master of Creation – CREATE!

  • Make a quiet space for yourself;
  • With the in-breath and the outbreath, breathe deeply with intent of pure love and pure joy entering every cell, every part of your being;
  • With a full heart see the path of the dark moon (new moon energy) before you – the path may appear dark but you will notice to the left and right and behind you the pure resonance of Father Sun guiding your way to the dark moon/solar eclipse – it joyously sings the song to assist you to set free and embrace new light;
  • As you breathe love in gentleness, allow your Higher Self to guide you as you move down the path of new beginnings – letting go of the old, setting free all that no longer serves you with ease and kindness to yourself and all others;
  • Say to the old energies that are ready to go:   “I love you, I thank you, I set you free, I BE;
  • The more you choose to let go, to step into the pure void, the creative energies of the magick of the new moon, you become stronger and stronger – you know that you leave behind all that no longer serves this moment as each step is the step of a new beginning;
  • You feel a sense of freedom through joy, strength, love, wisdom and compassion – you have taken all the shadow into your heart, into the breath of love and you see with clarity visions and expressions of the higher dimensional vibrations of your creative powers;
  • Each step has purpose, passion and love held deep within and you are excited as you see the old dissolve with loving gratitude;
  • You feel light, balanced, joyous, expansive and complete

Your heart is now open and ready to step into your NOW, your everything

Allow yourself TO BE in this space for a few minutes, Breathe the in-breath and outbreath of love – BE present and aware, listen for the messages, see or know the visions, breathe deeply in and out through the presence of the heart.

You are in the void, pure creation, pure love, pure Source, pure joy – time to CREATE in Mastery! The moment is NOW.

Stars-orion nebula

Here is a free MP3 track that will assist you in honouring your path of the full moon/lunar eclipse  –  new moon/solar eclipse  faze over the coming weeks:


And so it is.

Shenaya Om  – In Blessed Love



Language of Light Gathering – this Saturday in Numinbah Valley:  http://www.thecosmicdoorway.com/light-language-of-the-h-e-a-r-t/

6 Night Retreat in the Numinbah Valley – 28th April to 3rd May, 2014:






4 thoughts on “Void of the Moon – Light of the Sun

  1. Dearest Vicki…thank you..that Meditation was beautiful and just what I needed. No change at this end but hanging in !!!

    I hope you are well. Think of you often my friend. Much Love, catch up soon. Nancy xxxx


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