We – Are – One

“WE are in a most powerful time of consciousness – where WE have a great opportunity to move into our heart, our One and BE”


So are the words of the grandness of the WE.  At this moment in our time, where planets align and oppose, a “cross of light” is formed into the matrix of L.O.V.E.   This matrix is always transmuting and transforming our energies to assist us in our deepest awakenings and deepest truths.

At times you may feel like you just cannot go on, cannot walk another step on this path, have tried it all but nothing seems to change and there seems no hope, no-one who can help you, no-one who understands.



As ‘the you’ moves through the inevitable shifts of awareness, there is always a moment where a choice is present – a choice TO BE the path of love or to be the path of fear.  Yes, it can seem challenging and yes it can seem impossible but the truth is that within every – one – of – us, there is the capacity to step into the heart of the matrix of L.O.V.E. and realise that you are not alone, that you are part of a group consciousness, that the  you – me  and I may be your truth at this moment but as you shift more and more into your heart you will know that the “you, me and I” has transformed to the US, to the ALL, to the WE that allows all the capacity TO BE the connection of a group consciousness, TO BE the awareness that we are not alone and just simply, TO BE THE WE.

The “cross of light” comes after a very powerful time on the planet where many hearts have been opened more deeply to the light of death and re-birth.  No matter what your belief system over the past week, light has poured into the planetary consciousness and however we have chosen to view the Easter period, it has inevitably changed our energies in some way.


Over Easter Saturday a group of us gathered here in the rainforest of Queensland and experienced over the day the essence of the “WE”.  For me personally it was a much deeper step into my heart, into the realisation that ‘I’ am here as an amazing light connected to the symphony of other amazing lights that are the us, the all, the we.  Over the past many weeks as the ‘I’ has experienced perceived challenges ‘I’ have moved into my heart – into the breath of L.O.V.E. and expressed the “We”.  By doing this, ‘we’ have experienced a deep shift from the perception of being alone to the perception of being One.  This is now how the “I” chooses TO BE – to choose to see through the matrix of love, the matrix of the all, the matrix of THE WE.

If there are challenges over the next few days and weeks for ‘you’, utilise the simple steps below and the ‘you’ will find it a much deeper and more profound experience as the internalisation process continues TO BE expressed through love.


BE in a quiet space

BE in your heart

BE the ‘Breath of L.O.V.E.’ – breathe into your heart and say “I AM LOVE”; breathe out through your heart and say “I AM LOVE” (even if you don’t quite understand the word ‘love’ your Higher Self knows – have trust and faith that ‘you’ know);

JUST FOR NOW – continue with the I AM until you feel this deep connection within self;  then – 

BE the ‘Breath of L.O.V.E.’ – breathe into your heart and say “WE ARE LOVE”; breathe out through your heart and say “WE ARE ONE” – you can swap this around as well (ie: “we are One; we are Love”);

BE the ‘WE ARE LOVE; WE ARE ONE’ breath until you feel complete.

Open your eyes – Awaken!

(Before long you will go straight to the “We” without even having to place any thought upon it).

heart-love birds

And so it is and so it has always been.

Shenaya Om – In Blessed Love



L.O.V.E – “Light of Voice Eternal” was given to Victoria a few years ago to assist in the encoding of the word Love in the DNA consciousness. 



One thought on “We – Are – One

  1. Reblogged this on Alternative Medical Healing and Ascension and commented:
    In the sacred mystery school teachings regarding healing, we use a golden cross of light to end a healing session. It is so wonderful that Victoria describes this time as the “cross of light”; and rightly it is so.

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