Higher Spectrums of Sound – Aotearoa (part 1)

As we move through these ancient lands it occurs to me what an expansive experience for all Souls to place their feet upon this sacred land. In a world where we try in many respects, to escape or free ourselves from this physical world we also have the opportunity to place our sacred temple (our physical form) into the divine connection of our ‘humane-ness’ if we feel the calling. To stand on land that oozes the nectar of the mother’s flow will reveal within ourselves sacred paths, rhythms and songs that will assist in the remembrance of light-paths being experienced, now.

When writing this I was on the west coast beaches of the South Island of Aotearoa (New Zealand) and reflecting on my journey over the past few days. As I sit these words sing:

“For I would sing to you of songs of ancient tides and times, where all seas dwelled in the lands of the One. Where light beams and songs of liquid lines met in the heartbeat of One light form that sprung from the deepest oceans of knowing, deepest waves of creation. This is the land that abounds its fruit and beholds the sacred voice within the all, this is the song of Tara, the sound of Gaia and the Lore of Earth”.



“This song could be placed anywhere, in any region of this planet. It is merely the perception of the mind that keeps you from entering the gateway of the heart to hear your Soul – open to your higher thoughts and wisdoms, turn the key and enter into the sounds of the most sacred rhythms and encodings of your Soul. It is done – One within the All – the All within the One. Your Soul is merely an extension of that which you have always been – L.O.V.E.”!

This journey for me began consciously in the latter months of 2013. In a lucid dream I saw myself by the Lake in Queenstown, Aotearoa (Ao-te-a-ro-a). I observed as many ‘spectrums of sound’ (giant rings of many colours) hovered over the lake. I could hear through psychic sense a pulse and rhythm move through my many bodies. Every cell was spinning and through my vision I could see colours emanate in the atmosphere and ripples being created on and within the water. The sound was coming from all directions simultaneously and in deep synchronicity. I awoke to the words “these are the higher spectrums of sound that we have spoken to you about – they have entered and continue to enter into the energy fields of the All”. A couple of months later I was given the time of June Solstice to go there. I was very pleased to know I would be returning to the South Island of a most favoured place!


Over the next several months I felt many adjustments and alignments. Certain Stone People and crystals that I have connected with over the many years were aligning themselves to the journey ahead. I could feel many connections made through my temple (bodies) through sound and knew I was having codes awakened. This I felt was happening also for the other people joining me – four of us for 12 days and five for 2 days.

We arrived in Christchurch for the first night where it was wonderful to see that many shops etc were trading again after the first of a couple of major earthquakes. Then onto Dunedin for the night and then to bustling Queenstown. Snow capped mountains, the amazing “Remarkables” and very crisp weather –  about 3 degrees when we arrived. The night we arrived there were fireworks and the beginning of the Winter Festival – all seemed very appropriate for the anchoring of the ‘spectrums of sound’.



Our gathering was to happen on the evening of the Solstice. We enjoyed a lazy Solstice day in Queenstown and gathered over the lake at 10.30pm that night (we were asked to start at 10.42pm). As we walked to the water the winds were up and the sky was beautiful and clear – it felt like every star was out to sing and assist, it was truly magick! We found the ‘keystone’ we were to connect into and placed our foreheads to ancient stone. Deep celluar activations began.   As the sounds were placed in through voice I could hear many levels of tones through my psychic hearing and sounds from the voice that I could never have thought possible. All there seen and unseen held space in their hearts for the all. We witnessed and felt sound and light rings as they were anchored and encoded into our energies and all that choose to receive the higher frequencies.


As always there is a sign that comes that all is complete. I asked for a shooting star when all codes were finished for this cycle. Sure enough one star obliged followed by another. ‘Complete’ was heard. The winds became silent.  We then sat with the Stone People, the Waters and the Elementals and received integration and healing.  The first sept was complete.

We headed back to our apartment feeling content and elated after sacred moments together.

Next anchoring:  Lake Ohau




One thought on “Higher Spectrums of Sound – Aotearoa (part 1)

  1. i can feel the energies of the sacred sounds and songs calling to me .. AoTeaRoa has been beckoning for sometime and through your sharing Victoria i am able to connect via the songlines .. thank you so much for this sharing .. i too will walk those ancient lands soon with much love and gratitude Lynn Solang

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