Higher Spectrums of Sound – Aotearoa – part 2

Lake Ohau

The weather has been kind to us on our journey. When forecasts were of rain we would wake up to sunshine that allowed us the space and time to continue ‘seeding the spectrums’, with any rain or fog coming in when home from the journey.

After sounding the higher spectrums of sound in Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown – sounding the ‘star spectrums of fire into water’, we left for a day trip to Lake Ohau. The whole journey throughout Aotearoa would call in all the Elementals but would mostly focus on water and fire. This was one of the key lakes or waters of the South Island that we would be connecting with during our journey. With no concrete plans as to where the activations would be (except for the first in Queenstown), we went with wherever led by the sacred song lines.

NZ-lake ohau o- water

For Lake Ohau there would be five of us for this part of the journey. This would be a sacred journey for the Higher Heart Spectrums. We arrived to a Lake that was so powerful and pure in its energy. As with most places we were to connect with we were the only ones (human) there. We lit sacred fire and placed our Alchemy Singing Bowls on ancient stone. Throughout the journey it would be the remembrance of the song lines of the Goddess – we were led to Lakes that had similar shapes and lines to the feminine regions of the gonads. If it was not the lake itself then it would be carved in ancient stone nearby.

NZ-Lake Ohau stone

We started with sacred fire. We felt a deep cleansing and balancing after our experiences that led to this moment. Meditation, Language of Light and voice sound were brought through followed by the alchemy singing bowls – the energies were so pure and crystal clear through the waters. As sound and light was activated through the sacred spectrums we each felt such a strong connection to the hidden aspects of the “us and the we”, drawing deep into our truth.

NZ-bowls-Lake Ohau

Some that were there remarked that they had never felt such ‘oneness’ with nature before, so pristine and pure were the energies – an example of the Earth Mother’s natural and sometimes overwhelming beauty. For me it was an intense day of ‘letting go’ through the heart, for it felt I had been holding energies for such a long time for the small role I was to play in bringing this together.  It was exhausting, exhilirating and liberating.

“When all would dwell in the heart of the Soul, the light shall sigh its deepest sigh in the realisation that it is home”

Once complete we headed back to Lake Wanaka for a beautiful and joyous dinner.

Next stop – Lake Hawea

Shenaya Om – In Blessed Love







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