One Seed

“We are One seed, One stem, One flower that ignites through the union of the Heart”


“And so it is that on this day and all days we look into the eyes of another and see all that we are”

At this moment in time there is a deep awakening – a ‘further enhancing’ of light.  When this light is accepted through the eternal One, there is an entering into a portal that is the greatest destiny of the Soul.  A knowing becomes and in that becoming what is and what has always been merge and enter into divine union of the greatest vessel – the heart and greatest knowing – the Soul.

All that has ever been resides within you, awaiting its grand purpose of knowing.  What could this knowing be?  Each invidual Soul is part of a whole, a Oneness that is not complete without the inception and pouring of the one vessel of consciousness.  When this is realised, indeed experienced;  then there are no questions;   no answers – there is no-thing.  What awakens is beyond words, beyond exploration – it just IS.

Look beyond the wall you have  placed before you as a singular energy and a group consciousness.  Allow this wall to gently open and step through the illusion of an entity that appeared unbinding, unwilling to dissolve.  BE this wall, BE the light that enters through and know thyself, the All.  There are no walls, no beliefs, no perceptions that are not of your own making through the illusion that you are separate from the union of the whole – look within and BE and in the BEING you are home.

doorway-Hillary Raimo (the yin factor)

Victoria Webby – The Oneness Code

Victoria is facilitating and participating in  gatherings and personal sessions in India, Singaore and Kuala Lumpur during September,  October and early November.  Also facilitating connection through Mother Earth in Japan at Equinox – for further information go to: 

Or email:

Illustration above:  Illustration by Hillary Raimo


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