Following the Signs – Travel India

With so much going on in the world, in OUR world, it is very easy to be sidetracked from our true state.

By following the signs David and I NOW find ourselves for the first time in India. We arrived from Kuala Lumpur yesterday after a day visiting the city, catching up with a couple of beautiful friends. It was nice to be there after a few years away (and returning in November). We were up at 2am on Friday morning to catch the plane to Kerala and I am now sitting on a day bed in a homestay in Allepally.

IMG_3690This morning I awoke to sounds of prayer from the Temple close by, I have always loved the melody of sacred voice and they took me into a deep sleep of peace. Later I awoke to sounds of birds, rain and other music. As I look out the window there is greenery and flowers and a breeze moves the curtains with gentle rhythm. All is well.

leaves waterIMG_3692

I ponder on how I came to be here at this moment and realise that TO BE here, there were signs that presented themselves to me.  About a year ago I received a message to go to New Zealand to share a wonderful few days with Judy Satori and others.  Here I once again received a very strong sign to go to another gathering in Sydney and to take David with me if he chose.  I had no idea how we would get there as money wasn’t exactly flush at the time.   I had the trust that all would be well. I spoke to David about it and he wasn’t quite so keen.  mmmm what to do?  My feeling was that eventually David would choose to come but I went ahead and booked my place to go alone if that was the way it was meant to be.  I had exactly the amount to pay for the four day session and knew the money for flights would come.


A few weeks later David and I were in Sydney.  Our first morning breakfast we walked into the dining area and I was given a clear message “go and sit with that couple”.  I turned to David and said “oh we must sit with them” and went over to a couple that lived in Melbourne but were still strongly connected to India with family and friends.  The rest as they say, is history.  I recognised these two Souls and through love and circumstance here we are in India at the beginning of a three week journey of experiences, gatherings and sessions.

The place where we are in now would be considered quiet and peaceful, yet to me the streets are crazy!  Our two hour trip from the airport was manic as it was peak hour.  The people here are open and friendly, curious and wanting to know all about us.  The streets are full of  people wandering, and sharing the road with bicycles, mopeds, tuk tuks and cars.  The most frequent sound is the beeping of horns and strangely when you get one street away from the main drag there is this peaceful silence.

people walking

So far I have only seen one other Caucasian couple so we are quite interesting to the locals in the area and asked “Why have you come here?”.  David with his camera is getting lots and lots of volunteers to model!  Like a kid in a candy store he is happily snap, snapping away.

man-spicesLocal marsala spices!

Our hosts, Natasha and Bijhu are fabulous (see link below) and are so kind, open and are looking after us very well.  They have assisted us with many insights into the places and peoples of India.

Day One done – highlight the people, David’s new haircut (mmmm) and our amazing ‘rejuvenation massage’ – quite a day, quite a place.


Local kids lined up for a photo

Note from David:  ‘The energy of India is so different to Malaysia. From the moment we landed I felt the harmony and peace. Even the airport was quiet. Out on the road, chaos appeared to reign, but there was sort of order and awareness. I have loved walking around, and talking, smiling at the locals. It is beautiful to feel the warmth of Hearts or people, curious to see us. Time to soak up the relaxing ambience of Kerela, before we head to the crazy city of Mumbai”.

In such deep appreciation for the signs, the doorways and the trust to open them.



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