Let It Go and Let It Grow – The Breath of Love

Namaste!  Last week we completed gatherings in marvellous Mumbai, India. The Universe aligned our visit with the 10 day Festival celebration of Lord Ganesha’s birthday and the streets were filled with music, dance and goodwill. The people of Mumbai sure know how to throw a party and their spirit shone through. To us in the Western world it might seem all a little crazy but to the people of India it is a celebration of deep culture and wisdom.



The time here saw my day filled with personal sessions and a two day gathering.  What came through clearly was the knowing that no matter where in the world we live, our concerns and patterns seem to mirror one another. It doesn’t seem to matter what culture or religion, the concerns over family, relationships and money come through.

One thing is clear, if we choose to hold on to the perceived pain and suffering in our lives more will surely follow. If however, we choose to step into the wisdom of our Soul through the opening of our heart we will see and know clearly that the old will gracefully and easily shift if we just say YES. Everything is a choice and no matter where you live, your economic circumstance or your religion, we are exactly where we have chosen TO BE in this moment and if we utilise the vessel of the heart to hear ‘our Soul sing’ we can move through anything in our lives and shift everything if we choose. We are the Masters of our own destiny and we, as Masters, are capable of everything. 

A wonderful tool I have been shown over and over by my own mastery is the “Breath of Love”. In its simplicity it seems ‘too easy’ but it is my deepest belief that the way to my Heart-Soul connection is through the breath and through the higher consciousness of the whole. There is only one major thing we need to do and that is to breathe consciously through the heart. Through the breath of the heart we are present, conscious and in our bodies and through this we create. 


The Breath of Love:

.  Come into your heart – if you are not sure how to do this simply say to yourself “I am in my heart”;

.  Breathe in and say in your heart “We are Love”

.  Breathe out and say “We are One”  (do this sequence three times)

.  Then say to the Cosmos/you “YES, YES, YES” 

That’s it – so simple. Repeat as many times as needed until you feel present and in your heart and body. We have learnt to become so out of tune with our heart that sometimes it takes practice to re-connect the communication (song lines) between the heart and the Soul vibration. The more we BE the ‘Breath of Love’ we will find our heart awakening, our connection strong and our world creating in a most positive and healthy way.

Enjoy, embrace, ignite.

Thank you Sameeta and all our Beautiful Soul Family in Mumbai – it was such a joy TO BE in heart with you all.

Shenaya Om (In Blessed Love)


Gatherings and personal sessions in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur:



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