The Songs of Mother Earth

Our next journey in India was in Raipur, said to be the centre, or the Heart of India. There are ancient tribes here called the ‘Bastar’ who still hold many of the ancient traditions and connections of the Earth. 

This culture is just one in this area and as with many ancient cultures around the world, hold what has been said to me through the Cosmos as ‘ancient keys’ that when opened, awaken the songs of Mother Earth. These songs are our essence, our spirit that dwells within all of us and is the connection that brings us together once again. 

tree-elderWe visited ancient forests when in Raipur and when there we connected deeply with the sounds of ancient trees and waters simply by being still and present in our hearts. As always Mother Earth is in sync with us if we care to JUST BE and this was proof through the synchronicity of hundreds of dragon flies, a butterfly resting on David’s hand throughout the whole meditation, rain that would gently fall just when we had completed our purpose and Grandmother wind blowing when we spoke of ancient trees.

It is undeniable that when we connect to the essence of Mother Earth that everything shifts within. Her ancient songs of ‘Cosmic Gateways’ fill us with sound and light that goes beyond this world, this doorway and reaches into the multi-dimensional worlds. When we are in our hearts her sound is clear and pure and this is where her light shines most. Our heart is a doorway that will take us beyond the glass ceilings and paradigms that we have built and catapults us into our higher dimensional vibrations. Here, in this place everything is possible.

Eons ago our DNA was encoded with sacred sound that is in perfect synergy with our Cosmic Mother Earth – ‘fire of sound and light that will blaze the heart afire with song that will create a union between ancient heart and pure soul’. The ancients knew this and they now sing the sounds of Mother Earth to assist all to awaken. This moment, is the moment TO BE in your heart, sit with Mother Earth say the ‘Language of the Heart’ below and hear her call. The moment is NOW.


Shetaya nay

Shetaya nay

Noorama o shay

Noorama o shay


Ke-o-tama rom



In beloved peace

Thank you Raipur and to our beautiful Soul Family and the ALL of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, for your beautiful hospitality and warm hearts. See you soon 


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