Journey Through Japan

Many months ago I heard the word “Japan” from my higher awareness. I was asked to be in Japan at the Equinox and that it had to do with a new alignment of the song lines of Mother Earth through waters.

I knew it would unfold according to divine timing and so it was.


We arrived in Osaka after India. David and I then headed for ‘Koyasan’, Mt Koya that holds very ancient vibrations dating back to over 1,200 years. There are traditions of Shingon Buddhism that were brought to Japan from China by a Japanese Monk called Kobo Daishi (Kukai). He introduced this line of Buddhism after studying in China over a period of two years. He proved to be a figure of great inspiration to the people of Koyasan then and is still worshipped today. It is said he passed into eternal meditation in the year 835.


This part of the trip was a personal journey. I first started receiving downloads many months ago. It would prove TO BE another journey of change and to really go inward to reflect upon the affects of the deep impact that the various doctrines and religions have placed on Souls in this incarnation, the belief systems that run so deeply and how rooted they are in the psyche.


Bowls of peace, Koyasan

Through circumstances we were to be placed in a challenging situation on this part of our journey between fear and love. Both David and I had to go deeply within to see the truth of our Souls, to always respect ourselves and others no matter where we are and to see that we are all on an amazing journey that ultimately leads us to the same place of divine presence and consciousness no matter what road we take. One thing is certain, if we stay in our hearts and BE the ‘Breath of Love’, the truth is always shown, even if there is unwillingness to see or express it in that moment. “The greatest gift is to see and know your own heart and to breathe the breath of LOVE”.

The Temple we stayed in called “Yochi-In”, offered us peace and tranquility and a time to reflect and grow. We ate the most delicious vegetarian foods that were mastery upon the eye and taste buds.





We sat with the Monks in Morning Prayer. David and I were also given the opportunity to be in the Temple with the Head Monk where I played the singing bowls, sang and spoke the Language of Light. He had never heard the bowls or the language before. In turn he played the Temple bowl and chanted for us. It was a very special moment of worlds meeting and awakening to each other as the sounds merged into Oneness. Moments we will always cherish.


We spoke to another Soul from the Temple who felt great shifts with the Language of Light within and the songs. It was such a joy to see the wonder in his face. He is soon to do one year of deep and strict study, in final stages to becoming a Monk. We are going to visit his Temple near Kyoto when that is complete.

Beautiful time in Mt Koyo, beautiful people and deep shifts and transition.

Thank you Koyasan! 

koyasan-cedar treesCedar Trees

Breath of Love:

Further on Kobo Daishi:


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