Letting Go of Distortion

 “Where there is a storm, there is great opportunity for change”


As I write this the thunder and lightning are raging. I have just spent 45 minutes outside soaking it in, allowing the divine elements in co-creation with the Cosmic Mother, to ‘shake, rattle and roll’ the energies within.

As many of us have experienced the tremendous force of Mother Nature of late and as I observed the great creative forces before my eyes, a message came through for me to get out the recorder and to record some transmissions to assist myself and those that choose TO BE the co-creation of great change within at this moment in cosmic time.


I was told that these series of storms we are having hold a lot of the dragon energy within them (I saw a cloud of a Dragon with a sword in the sky) and that we are being asked now to clear distortion from our energies. We are receiving a great gift – a shift in our electrical vibration, having a re-patterning of the electrical energy within us.

Mother Earth is sending forth streams of sound and light to assist to clear distortion – especially through the auditory so that we can ‘attune’ to the higher frequencies through letting go of old patterns ‘through waves of light (lightning) and sound (thunder)’ which indicate new beginnings and there will BE a few more before this cycle is complete!

keyholeThis is a time to go deep within and utilise the energies of the great elements, the energies of lightning – ‘fire’ – to allow the doorways to be open (I saw lightning touch the earth and spiral down and open a doorway into the Inner Earth Realms – the inner Earth of self). Great keys are being turned to open the many doors that have kept us bound and tied, to allow great transformation.

electrical storm-metatronUtilise the energy of lightning – FIRE to open, awaken and transmute the old and bring the new. Utilise the energies of AIR – the wind – thunder, to bring sound to create diverse change, to sweep away that which has been awakened that no longer serves and to awaken and lift that which does.


Utilise the energy of WATER to cleanse, purify and balance. To create flow so that we may BE AT ONE with all. Connecting, guiding and moving us to the womb of the great Mother through EARTH to come home to the great void to know death and re-birth through her womb.

Drink of the great waters the next time there is a storm (inside or outside) – place a bowl outside and drink of the elements. Allow your cells to spin and allow the water to flow through your fire, air, water, earth and take the opportunity to breathe and draw all into the great SPIRIT within.

CrystalTones-bowls-rainGolden-Door-medium size

Sit with the elements, set free the fear and just BE. Awaken the eyes – higher sight through the lightning, awaken the higher sound through the rolling thunder, feel the air, the winds – let it move through you, shifting all that no longer serves, feel the energy of the great earth as the water pours through her blood and only then, bring all into the spirit of your heart and embrace the light within. Allow your heart to open ever-deeper, ever-purer into the recognition of all the elements BE-IN-g your creation as one sound, as one song.

“How magickal WE ARE to have been the creators of these divine elements that guide us step by step through the great cycle of death and re-birth”


Victoria’s website:  www.thecosmicdoorway.com

Victoria and her husband David will be travelling to India, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore through February and March, 2015:


They have organised a Group Journey to Peru & Bolivia for September-October, 2015:


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4 thoughts on “Letting Go of Distortion

  1. Hi Victoria During the Storm last week lightening hit my building. A big chunk of concrete fell off. Wake up call ??? Mary

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