Allow your Heart TO BE and set yourself Free

We are seeing great change – everywhere.  There is no place that is untouched within our lives as we step forward and within.  All our worlds are crumbling around us it would seem, yet as we step deeper into ourself we see a different view of our world.  When we connect with our heart we step closer and embrace ourself in deeper awareness, our deeper truth as a vibration of love.

star being-twin

“The road sometimes has not been easy to our minds but our hearts rejoice in the reunion of our deepest fears embraced within our deepest loves”.  

When we take the brave step inward and breathe into our hearts, we give ourselves the opportunity to see through clear in-sight, even if it is just a little, into a world of greater possibilities.  How we choose to do this will be up to each individual Soul but perhaps the greatest gift here is the transient nature of our shadow, our ego – the willingness of our shadow or ego to embrace love – when it is accepted free of judgement and full of joy. Our divine truth is love, is joy – anything that does not hold love within is merely an opportunity for us to embrace our ego, our shadow and see truth if we choose.

The minute we choose to honour the gift of our shadow, our ego – the gift we chose to experience in this lifetime – we can simply see the message the ego is showing us. We all have a choice – to see our path through love or fear.  When we choose love and allow our fear to surface – free of judgement – we are giving ourselves the opportunity to step into our heart and simply say “Thank you”.  “Thank you ego for knocking on my door, for showing me the choice I have here – to say yes to love”.  How empowering this moment is when we choose through divine eyes and divine hearts!  Say YES, thank you – call your shadow, your ego home to your heart and simply say YES!

human-higher self

Yes  Yes  Yes  – heart awakening

A small exercise that will assist in you embracing the shadow in love:

Sit/lay in quiet space where you have time for yourself.

Say or simply know:  “I am in my heart”;


Breathe in and out through the heart as follows:

IN BREATH – “I am love, yes yes yes”

OUT BREATH -“I am One, yes yes yes”

(do this breathing until you feel you are balanced and present in your heart).

Call the fear to your heart and simply say – “I acknowledge you, I see you – thank you for coming and showing me my choice here.  Let us both choose love”   You may need to repeat this until you feel it is complete.

IN BREATH – We are Love, yes yes yes

OUT BREATH – We are One, yes yes yes

(do this as many times as you need until you feel the fear merge into love and simply BE LOVE)

Then complete the exercise by bringing your hands to your heart and simply saying “THANK YOU” (take note of the expansive light and energy around you – LOVE)


The masks simply fall away

One thing I have noticed within myself is that the more I embrace my ego with love and gratitude, the more I realise there is no-thing to fear, all the masks simply fall away with ease and inner-strength takes it place.  The ‘Breath of Love’ simply allows me the space TO BE in my heart; TO BE in my body; TO BE present in self; TO BE present with my fear and TO SET FREE into love, gratitude and joy.  What a tripper!  What a gift – YES YES YES.

Victoria and her husband David are facilitators of the “Thirteen Keys of Amenti” – a series of blueprints (keys) channelled from the energies of Thoth, Seraphim and other Higher extensions of the pure group consciousness of the US, the ALL, the ONE.


“Thoth’s energy woke me in the middle of the night around twelve months ago and asked me if I would be the channel of a series of ‘Keys (blueprints)’ to assist people in expediting their growth by creating a space for the embracing of shadow and light as one consciousness through love.  Thoth told me the name of the Keys, showed me what paper to use and how to apply the colours and images to paper.  I then ‘imprinted’ through voice the Language of Light and specific tones through the Elohim, Seraphim and Guardians of the great Halls of Amenti.  I was then asked to bring together gatherings so that these could be consciously transmitted to others to awaken hearts”.  

People that have come to the gatherings have been undergoing enormous change.  We gather with the Keys and through sound (Language of Light, voice toning, Crystal Tones Bowls), light and channeled information and meditation, co-create in the NOW.  Simple, deep and true”.  In gratitude, Victoria


Picture:  Thirteen Keys in Delhi, India – a channeling from the High Council of Sirius – Guardians of the “Seed of Ages”

NEXT  “Thirteen Keys of Amenti” gathering is in Numinbah Valley, Queensland on 23-24th May, 2015.  For more information:

Thirteen Keys of Amenti – Singapore – Two gatherings (second gathering new Keys from Elohim/Archangels)

First Session:  20th & 21st June 

Second Session:  27th & 28th June (please note that you must complete first session before attending this one).  Each session is an extension of the previous and deeper awakenings.

ALSO ANOTHER heart-based gathering:  Munay-Ki Sacred Rites of the Incas – Numinbah Valley, Queensland – May 5th to 7th and Kuala Lumpur 5th – 7th June:

A few comments from Co-Creators at the ‘Thirteen Keys’ gatherings:

Victoria’s “Thirteen Keys of Amenti” workshop has been just pure magic for me. It has transformed me profoundly in both apparent ways as well as deep within my core. It’s as if the layers of gunk that had weighed me down have vanished into the ethers and I have a true understanding of who I AM. I feel so expanded that I can’t imagine that I was anything but this magnificent soul. I’m heart aligned and from that space, I seem to be magnetising abundant career opportunities, well beingness and joy. I truly wish everyone could attend this workshop and have the re-vision that I did”.  Kaloona, Singapore

“The Amenti Keys activations were the most powerful session that I had experienced so far, amongst other attunements and activations that I had gone through. For most of the Key activations, I felt my crown chakra open up and the energies pouring in. Even holding the printed images of the keys were enough to connect me with the energies. Glimpses of the Divine and visions of the flow of the Great Spirit during activations made me realised how connected to each other, and to everything else in the Universe, we really are. It’s sad that in our daily scramble to manage life and to live wholly as a Being that we failed to realised that life is already coursing within us. All we need to do is just Be. The Thirteen Keys of Amenti reconnects you back to that knowing of Being”.  Randy, Singapore

“Have you ever wondered getting lost in your own house with doors locked and wondering how to get out of there. What if these keys were in your pocket but you don’t remember them and worse don’t know the codes or password. Am sure this would have happened at some point of time in life while using various applications. What do you do? Someone or some system helps you regenerate them and then you unlock the applications or doors. Thirteen Keys of Amenti is exactly that, and Victoria and David are the magicians who take you through this spiritual experience of re-membering, rejuvenating and regenerating the Keys to your life. This is profound and sometimes unbelievable. But thats exactly what it is. It changes your life in a very subtle effective ways. It is a must experience thing for anyone who is looking for spiritual growth and freedom from programmed beliefs”.  Chirag, India

Munay-Ki in Kuala Lumpur



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