Seed of the Heart

“When you look inside, you allow yourself the opportunity to know ‘that which IS’. When you allow yourself to know ‘that which IS’, you awaken the deepest seed of your heart – eternal love in joy”

Sirian High Council


We have just finished a weekend in the rainforest. So magickal was the experience to simply BE with a group of people that were so open to hearing their voice inside.

One thing that I have experienced along my journey is the willingness of our heart to open if we give it the opportunity.   As soon as we say YES, it is like a switch that turns on and says ‘OK, let’s go for it and see where it flows’.

Wherever you choose to take it from that moment is up to you. Sometimes it is merely observing our perceptions and accepting where we are, sometimes it is saying ‘no more of this – thank you for the journey, for the gifts but it is time to change and to create a new path for myself’.

The important thing to realise is no matter what you may choose to see, feel or acknowledge in that moment, you have already created change. Your willingness to simply observe says to the Universe, YES, this is the moment and how powerful that moment can be!

Over the weekend there were many varied experiences but the one thing that we all had in common was the willingness to look inside and observe. We have all journeyed on varied and different paths, some that would seem more challenging than others but together we could see the opportunity to know that no matter what each of us was experiencing, there was a divine web of connectedness between us and between our Source that was undeniable.

Many fears rose to the surface as we delved into our hearts and “through the great halls of Amenti” – the halls and chambers of our individual and collective heart awareness, many keys were unlocked that took us into a deeper awareness and allowed us the space with joy to simply say YES to the shadows of our fear and to embrace them with awareness and acceptance.

Through mind, body, soul and spirit we connected in deep meditation, sound and Language of Light, which allowed us the opportunity to simply observe and create deep change – we simply said YES!

Shenaya Om (In Blessed Love)


The above photo was taken as we merged with the Twelfth Key (blueprint) channeled through the Sirian High Council.  On the key (blueprint) there are spheres drawn in the same colour (below).



Victoria is presenting “The Keys of Awakening” in Singapore on 20th & 21st (The Thirteen Keys of Amenti) and 27th and 28th June (eleven more Keys).  For more information please click here:

“In joy WE ARE, in bliss WE BECOME”


LATEST JOURNEYS OVERSEAS – Kuala Lumpur in June; Peru & Bolivia in September-October, 2015 – 

KUALA LUMPUR:   Munay-Ki Teacher’s Certificate:



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