Do You Believe in Rainbows?

I heard my Higher consciousness ask – “Do you believe in rainbows?”


Last night I was watching a movie – not one I would normally watch.  It was based in Africa and about some American soldiers extracting a doctor out of a war-torn area.  I missed the first few minutes so have no idea of what part of Africa or why she was being rescued.  On the screen it showed the best and worst of humanity, how through fear we can all be intimidated to become something that we would never have thought possible and through love we reach deep within and have the strength to hold onto something true to our hearts.

I was sitting there thinking ‘this is happening somewhere right now’, perhaps in a different way but still one person expressing total separation from their innate truth of love and another person trying to stay strong to their beliefs of what is their goodness within.  Africa is of particular interest to me because I have had many visions and lucid dreams of being in Africa in what we call the future.

golden globe

As I awoke this morning I could feel my energy field being expanded – especially in the frontal lobe and being shown a new matrix of earth.  There was a lot of golden light codes through all the elements being placed into my energies.  I heard the words “BE strong in love, weave into your light the golden web and BECOME”.

Today is the Gold Coast Marathon – it is just a block away from where we live.  When David and I were having breakfast we chatted about the movie from the previous night and I asked of him and myself to connect together into our Higher Self and ask for the divine truth, the expanded picture of the shadow and light on earth.  At the moment we were doing this I was also hearing the cheers of the crowd for people running in the Marathon. It struck me as I was meditating how appropriate that at that moment when I was feeling into the fear on the planet that the cheers of joy, encouragement and love were being expressed from onlookers to total strangers running.  I was clearly shown that no matter what we see or believe to be of shadow and fear in this world that there will always be those that will hold the light of love and joy.  There will always be those that will shine the light for others to see and to ignite a flame in the darkest moments.

I was thinking “sometimes it is so challenging for us to see that flame, that light in a world that seems so crazy and mixed up”. As I was thinking this the crowd cheered louder and David said  “It’s the last of the runners coming through, the ones that have struggled and struggled to make it across the line”.  The crowd was going crazy, cheering so loud.  Tears came to my eyes and my heart opened.  At that moment I saw a rainbow from my heart spread across the planet to Africa – like a huge tree that had opened its branches wide. I smiled and realised “no matter what is happening, no matter where we are going and how far we have to travel we shall do so together and we will All be OK.  “YES I BELIEVE IN RAINBOWS”!


A few affirmations you may wish to meditate and BE with (sit in a quiet space & breathe in presence):  

I choose NOW TO FREE myself from the illusion and fear on all levels of consciousness;

I choose NOW TO EMBRACE AND INTEGRATE my pure essence and imprint of divine love, divine joy, divine wisdom, divine truth and divine peace with simplicity and grace in every aspect of my life and all levels of consciousness (maybe go through each individually);

I choose NOW TO BE within my heart and express love into my world through all levels of consciousness;

I choose NOW TO BE my divine original blueprint of Creation.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Rainbows?

  1. YES I BELIEVE IN RAINBOWS. Thank You Victoria for such wonderful powerful affirmations. Deep Gratitude n Love – Azeelia

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