THEN:  My ancestors from this life were  aware with strong psychic energies, especially the Grandmothers who all passed over when I was young, who I feel are always around me, as well as a Grandfather that I never met in this physical world but I feel very strongly around me as I write these words!  My Grandparents rock!

As a child I remember ‘seeing’.  At some stage though – around the age of ten, I stepped back from these gifts until many, many years later when I spontaneously ‘awakened’ near the end of my 42nd year.  I had split from my first husband at that stage.   I had just received my diploma of massage.  I was massaging a lady and was advised to go to a meditation.  I am very glad that I listened to that client and my gut saying ‘just go already!’.

The night  of the meditation, when I was laying in the dark a massive white light filled my whole head.  I actually sat up because I thought that the room’s light had been turned on and the meditation was over.  I was bemused but not afraid.  I realised that it was the light within me that had ‘switched on’ with a big YES sign blazing.  That was it for me, there was no turning back!  I started ‘hearing’ words and sentences in my head, amazing and beautiful prose and words of love and deep compassion.  I felt energies in my body, aches in my arms and legs and words coming out of my mouth that were not mine as I understood at that time.  I heard an American Indian drum and chant and then I spontaneously started speaking, drumming and chanting songs and language of the American indian tribes of the earth.  It all felt very natural and ‘real’.

From there I was taken by a lady to another meditation.  That opened my world even more.   I remember walking in and thinking OMG (F***) I have no idea what they are saying, what is going on and I am never coming back!  The lady that took me to that meditation insisted I go back again so I did.  From that day I continued to go but the same lady never went back!  It is wonderful how people are ‘synced’ with you to lead you to the next step.  I love the guidance we receive if we choose to see it.  I will always be grateful for that client, the lady that guided me to the next ’round’ and the many Earth Angels that guided then and now – I am very well taken care of!!

There have been so many journeys since then – I will write about them in the future.  I am a very grounded person but even for me some of the experiences have been downright weird, yet so right!


NOW:  A couple of weeks ago, in the middle of the night I was awoken from my sleep and asked to start a “blog”.   Thus I have started a new cycle of learning as I am told that ‘Creator’ has a lot to say!  I trust you will stay with me as I learn these new tools and we can all enjoy the ride together.

I also have a website which my husband and I created and a more updated version is on the way.  For now:

“I heard the words through Creator the other day:  “You are all here TO BE love.  You are all here to assist in the re-calibration of the earth within this STATE OF LOVE”.

How we choose to do this is up to us.  Let us embrace each other and be ‘a new way of being’ through ‘a new way of seeing’.

In love and appreciation for my life’s journey.


Victoria in New Zealand

Victoria in New Zealand






Alex my daughter and I

Alex my daughter and I

Willow (her name means: feminine, moon, magick)

Our latest addition  –  Willow (her name means: feminine, moon, magick)


2 thoughts on “Victoria

  1. Fantastic and you did a great job, I love to soothing pictures of nature and your beautiful picture. Victoria when you stated that you had aches in your arm and legs, can you described what sort of ache?
    Lots of love

    • Hi Evor, when I first started meditation the aches/pain started in the arms and then legs as I went through the inevitable expansion and transformation. These days I feel the changes more internally in the organs! All good as the changes happen in our bodies. Victoria x

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