Remembrance of Lemuria

If you shall bring into your enfoldment

the light of the deepest love,

you shall hold this unto yourself and thus spread this love to all

as a gift, a token.

Such is the remembrance of Lemuria

a gift of ONE for the WHOLE.

Elders, Lemuria


Lemuria (or Mu) was an ancient civilization that existed around 50,000 years ago, prior to Atlantis.  It is said that the original blueprint of Lemuria existed in and as a pure consciousness, a divine knowing of love.    Lemurians were very spiritual and highly evolved with the greatest period around 30,000 years ago.  It is believed that Lemuria existed largely in the Southern Pacific between North America and Asia & Australia.  The main aspect of Lemuria is believed to be in Hawaii.

There have been many old souls awakening over the past few years and remembering their connections to this ancient land, its teachings and wisdoms.  Portals and Star Gates are also activating to assist us through the deep transitions we are experiencing and assisting us in connecting to the deep resonance held within us.  Many are remembering their lifetimes both in Lemuria and Atlantis and keys are being turned within to assist in restoring balance and harmony not only within themselves but within Mother Earth and her peoples and life forms that live within and upon her.

I too have had awakenings and memories of my lifetimes in Lemuria, its ancient temples, sounds and scripts and have been consciously connecting with my role in this lifetime to bring myself and others ‘home to heart’.  An ancient of Lemuria wishes to express a few words:  “When you move within, to your heart, you are connecting to the very essence of your Being, the key to your Soul and the Window of your Universe.  It is time  NOW to turn the key, listen to your soul, reveal your essence and open the window”  and so it is..Anara, Lemurian Love

My husband and I have been actively involved in the Lemurian Star Gate energies in Australia and are going to Hawaii in March.  Further updates/blogs on Australia and Hawaii to follow.  We also have a website:


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